Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i, moon

science-daan* kehte hain
chand pathar ka tukda hai bus
chamakta hai jo
suraj ki udhar mangi roshni se

mujhe jyada kuch nahi pata
main science ka karinda nahi

chand to dil hai mera
mere suraj ki roshni se
roshan maddham

pyaar mein damakta har dil
chand hi to hota hai na


m indebted to these lines, that they came to me when i was loosing faith. and to my dear ka from 'snow' who brought this along.


delhidreams are back on track...


Aditi said...

welcome back.. for this truly is a comeback for delhi dreams
its a beautiful thought and i cant imagine it coming from anyone else but u.. absolutely beautiful

madelyn said...

your heart never lost faith.

i could tell from the e-mails.

I love you and Dee so much.

(smooches and hugs)

Sigma said...

Beautiful words .... nice one

dreamt before

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