Tuesday, April 24, 2007


they come
bright & cheerful
our eyes meet
sweeping glances
top to bottom
before they hurry on
with their hurried lives

come closer
and do things unmentionable
moving on
secretly pleased
with their assorted fantasies

only a few
are my master's delight
they like the garb
he has put upon
my naked body
the feel, the colors
the texture, the style
best in the shop, he claims
my pretensions admired
are calculated for price

i stand inconsequential
i don't matter
am just a mannequin
in the shop window of time

dee, this is for you
but, then what isn't
and for me too
may the force be with us


Aditi said...

things will be ok.. they have to be.. have a little faith

Sugarlips said...

Its just a matter of time Adi...Like Aditi said HAVE A LITTLE FAITH :)

Hugs to both of you :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Impressionist said...

thanx for the visit bro :)
nice blog, will comment upon ur posts soon.

Peace & LOve

Shruti said...

hey, thnaks for visiting my blog..and hey really ill mail you, about our plans and its execution...
Thanks so much for making efforts to help us...
Take care...

oceanic mirages said...

n d dedication is accepted n adorned...
Welcome to the world of long poems...
love you...

starry said...

Adi..loved this poem as with everything you write.

madelyn said...

Adi - your way with words amazed me -
truly - you and your princess should make
a book for each other of your poetry -
it's really lovely to cherish:)

love you guys:) hugs:)

dreamt before

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