Friday, April 13, 2007

jis taraf dekhun tujhe dekhun

jis taraf dekhun, tujhe dekhun
kabhi andar, kabhi bahar dekhun

tere aane se ghadi do ghadi pehle
waqt ki is nabz ko tham-ta dekhun

(aur) jikr jo chale mehfil mein tera
poori is shab ko damakta dekhun

ek ajab baat hai pyaar ke is shehar mein
jo bhi shaks dekhun, tujhsa dekhun


Ali S. said...

nice dude...nice poem

Anonymous said...

Extremely sweet picture.

Sigma said...

nice pic ... and nice poem ....

Sugarlips said...

Piyar diwana hota hai mustana hota hai... :)

MashAllah you both look adorable in this vintage looking pic *touchwood*

I loved the last bhi shaks dekhun - tujhsa dekhun :)

Hugs to both of you :)

Stay Beautiful..!

Anonymous said...

I love you...

starry said...

Adi I am the pic of the two of you.cannot read the poem :)take care and have a great weekend.

Rani said...

awww... thats soo cute. i love the poem and thats the cutest picture i've seen. too adorable. i can only hope to find something as wonderful as the two of you have

madelyn said...

Adi - i giggled so much reading the e-mail
and of course you are so right -
you and your princess are too far apart on the
blogroll - i shall fix it but
i messed this up last time -
that's how you became separated to begin with -

sweet cuddly -snuggly- smoochy picture:)

Keshi said...

wut a lovely pic!

Hows u Adi? :)


meet_me said...

wow Adi! it ws beautiful....
n the pic ....... no wonder i call u more lucky than me :-)
hopin' to catch u soooon
take care
n yeah, best wishes to Dee....

Ash said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Rita said...

Hmmm...nice love poem! And is that you in that pic, with your...ahem...lady love? :)

dreamt before

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