Thursday, June 28, 2007


yahan sab hain sab se juda juda
koi dost hai na rakeeb hai

main gila karoon to bhi kis se kya
ye toh apna apna naseeb hai

yahan dilon ke darmyan faasle
ye shehar kitna adeeb hai

dikha usmein kuch mera sa hai
woh shaqs kitna kareeb hai

perhaps there won't be a translation for this.


AaaDee said...

Nice one :) But dua karte hain,

Jo shaks hai aapke kareeb,

Waheguru banaye use aapka naseeb :))

Sugarlips said...

Translations always kill the mithas and beauty.

Apna hee tou dil kai kareeb hota hai Adi :)

delhidreams said...

aaadee: rab rakha!

sugar: not for the beauty, just cudnt get to actually relive all that :)

Anonymous said...

as already aaadee said,...

i just pray ur innocence this..may u never b alone..amen!

tumhari khoobsoorati hi tumhare seedhe shabd hai..adi..b like this always :)

Aditi said...

a big hug.. no words

Ash said...

@Sugarlips -- what about people like me who dont really 'get' Hindi??

Sugarlips said...

You both look so cute in the pic, i just spotted on your blog :)


Stay Beautiful...!!

smrtnhuggble said...

dont think you need one... its been a while since i've been here. its very beautiful.. almost forgot how well you express things here..

Ali S. said...

Bhai jaan

Khuda kasam sochne pe majboor kar dete hoo.....shai hai....keep it up.

esp.yeh line

"dikha usmein kuch mera sa hai
woh shaqs kitna kareeb hai"

dharmabum said...

@ adeeb - what meaning? or did u mean ajeeb?

koi juda nahin hai bhai, sab ek hain, bus humein mehsoos nahin hota :)

Shruti said...

Beautiful and really there's no translation for this..

Take care

Sigma said...

Really really beautiful ... but why so sad?
And should it be 'adeeb' or 'ajeeb' ??
And you know, it reminds me of the ghazal ... 'Koii dost hai na raqeeb hai, tera shahar kitna ajeeb hai'

Sigma said...

Why have you enabled comment moderation? You didnt have it earlier?

delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: and what if i start building layers upon layers, wud that make me less beautiful? innocence? not a virtue these days...

aditi: yes. i need those. from u more so.

ash: i wud request dee to translate this for us.

sugar: love makes you look beautiful. nothing much to this pic anyways.

choco: thanks. and i'll always call u choco. hope u won't mind.

sheikh ji: shukriya huzoor. aap yun hi haunsla badhate rahiyega to hum bhi kahin pahunch jayenge. and yes, those are my favourites too.

dharma: 'adeeb' comes from 'adab' (tameez, tehzeeb). that this city is well mannered enough to maintain distances between hearts.
hope it is true, what u said.

shruti: thanks :)

sigma: now i know. must have heard that one somewehre, thats why this phrase got stuck in my mind. can i have the complete ghazal?
it is 'adeeb', as i explained to dharma above.
comment moderation? because of some spammers and anonymous persons :) hope you won't mind.

Anonymous said...

oh my my...i see my lines repeated...:) everywhere..layer by to become a pachyderm..nothing penetrates n nothing goes out..nobody likes it..its suffocating but in the end its the way for some...

innocence not the virtue these it so..but dnt wry mate..if someone bore this feeling its like side effect..:)

Alok said...

yaar u r on fire .....

*dikha usmein kuch mera sa hai
woh shaqs kitna kareeb hai

no words ....

delhidreams said...

alok: :) no words actually...

dreamt before

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