Saturday, June 23, 2007

there's no such place as far away

woh aata hai
din ka pehla khayal ban kar
woh behta hai ragon mein
aur rehta hai dhadkano ki aas ban kar

woh dikhta hai chadar ki salvatein sudharta hua
woh sunta hai tumhein ma ko pukarta hua
woh peeta hai chai ki pehli ghoont tumhare saath
aur rakhta hai pehla kadam, tumhare hi saath

woh baitha hota hai jahan tum baithe hote ho us waqt
aur rehta hai sath zindagi ke vyapar mein
woh dikhta hai anjaan chehron mein tumhein
aur apni si tanhai-lachar mein

woh likhta hai kagaj par lai-no ko kheech
woh rehta hai office ke logon ke beech
woh thap-thapata hai peeth har mili acchai mein
aur lagata hai gale, rah ki har kathinai mein

woh behta hai charon taraf hawa ban kar
khilta hai dil ki dua ban kar
woh saans leta hai tumhari har saans ke sath
jab raat khloti hai apna jadu ka pitara
woh sajta hai palkon par chandi ke khwab ban kar

jise tum pyar karte ho bohat
dur wo tumse kabhi hota nahi

she was away for two days. but then, was she?


delhidreams said...

she comes
as the first thought of the day
she flows in the veins
and stays as the hope of heartbeats

she is seen as the one creasing out the bedsheet
she listens to you calling for mother
she drinks the first sip of tea with you
and keeps the first feen on ground, with you

she sits with you wherever you are at that time
and stays close in the business of life
she is seen in anonymous faces
and in the chained-solitude of yours

she writes between the lines it strikes
she stays amongst the office colleagues
she congratulates you in every admiration you get
and hugs you tight, in every difficult step you take

she flows all around in the form of the wind
and flowers as a wish of the heart
she breathes with every breath you take
when night opens up its pandora's box
she decorates herself on eyes as silvery dreams

the one whom you love so much
is never far apart from you

Cuckoo said...

Lovely lovely lines Adi. And so very true !!

Quite long one but yeah, liked every line of it. :))

BTW, Thanks for blogrolling me.

Aditi said...

hmm.. sometimes that can be unfortunate..

delhidreams said...

cuckdookoo: m glad u loved these, n blogrolling u is entirely my pleasure

aditi: yes it can be

Anonymous said...

The content quality is excellent Adi. I really wonder how so consistently you manage to bring that originality to the content.
More, those nice graphics....

delhidreams said...

akshar: hmmmm. thanks sir.

Sigma said...

This is beautiful! And brilliant!!
Really ... I too wonder how you can keep such original ideas flowing ...

Btw, why dont you post the translation on the main page too ??

delhidreams said...

sigma ji: just a holy curiousity my dear, and this one specifically came through dee coutsey mr. richard bach :)
and thr translations, i don't think are that good enough to be posted alongside the originals. it was another thing when you guys helped me ;)

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