Thursday, July 26, 2007

the thread that binds *updated*

It is around a holy tree,
She revolved her belief,
It stands a sacred symbol,
Surrounded by four pillars of gold,
Small engravings of wisdom,
Being chanted out,
In a language long forgotten,
Surviving only as a dead whisper,
A whisper loud enough to wield power,
To keep her enslaved;
Surrounded by red and yellow flags,
The amber incense filling the senses with a fragrance that helps,
To create a trance that culminates into,
A numb ecstasy;
A trance of oaths, pledges,
Offerings and devotion;
Endless heads with her bowing down,
Millions of souls revolving around,
The tree oozing out divine faith,
Her faith, their faith;
Taken from within and given away,
Sold by the proxy Gods,
As sacred threads; that
Are tied back on the stems, on the branches
Where it stays and will stay
For her, for them,
The manifested faith, faith she searches for,
Faith she will always search for,
Till it is hers.

A few evenings ago the two of us, unknowningly, were writing the same thing, differently ofcourse, but similar also. And it turned out into a little story of faith and wonder. Here's the other thought. it is a Hindu ritual to weave threads around holy trees for a ritual of wish fulfillment. the following bad translation was my take on the thought.

the silent serious son of the earth
was standing alone
in the temple courtyard
for ages and ages
in a silent dialogue
had asked
of my goal
from the wind and the water
from the sky and the sun
or was searching it for
in the fire's final embrace

*Shakti's daughter
moving, agile
calm, still
came and weaved
all around me
a fair thread
of faith

and me
a helpless peepal tree
into a **Kalpvriksh able

* shakti is the 'life force' in Hindu mythology, the name given to the mother goddess

** kalpvriksh is the mythical tree in heaven, which fulfills wishes

and now, thanks to dear 'how do we know', i've the poem in devanagri script...

धीर गम्भीर
खडा अकेला,
देवालय के प्रांगन में
युगों युगों से
मौन संवाद में
पूछ रहा, ध्येय अपना
वायु – वरुण
आकाश – अरुण से
या ढूंढ रहा था,
अंतिम – अग्नि आलिंगन में

शक्ति पुत्री,
गतिमय, चपल,
प्रशांत, अटल,
बांध गयीं
चहुं ओर मेरे,
आस्था की
डोरी कुशल

और मैं,
अक्षय पीपल
बन उठा कल्पवृक्ष सबल..


Alok said...

*A whisper loud enough to wield power,
To keep her enslaved;

beautiful adi


dharmabum said...

sometimes we communicate without aids. reading the same post on two blogs. lotsa love to both of u :)

delhidreams said...

alok ji: that was deepti ji :) and yes, it IS beautiful

dharma: love

oceanic mirages said...


Sugarlips said...

Just commented same words on Dee's blog

My Dear Dee and Adi...
Love be gets love :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anil P said...

It is in searching for faith that your belief in it is tested.

delhidreams said...

dee: *MDFBWU*

sugar: same to u dear friend

anil p: yes it is. and harder the test, the stronger the faith emerges.

HojO said...

wow!'s really a beautiful poem...& very touching as well:D

can i ask one thing? why ya allow this damn 'moderation' thing?


delhidreams said...

sagnik: is ur name sagarika? and comment moderation has been added to delete unwanted elements from my blog :)

HojO said...

@adi: u scared me man!!!
Which part of my name force u think that me's Sagarika????

But, then don know what's 'sagarika' really mean to ya OR may b remind ya some past..haha!:Lolzzzz


AaaDee said...

very nicely written :) why r u stealing her stuff and posting it here :)

give me her blog address !!

wish you both good luck and togetherness always !!

Keshi said...

**A whisper loud enough to wield power,



delhidreams said...

sagnik: :)

aaadee: didn't expect this from u. u just had to check my blogroll...

keshi: yes, she is :)

Rahulbhatol said...

nice indeed!

delhidreams said...

Sheril: thanks, but i guess u wudnt have read the later poem as it is in Hindi.

Sigma said...

Beautiful thoughts ... each and every line, and each word of every line is something to be cherished. You described it very aptly - a jugalbandi. And it is a perfect one - that makes one believe that two souls can really be so intertwined that the minds even think alike :-))

Sincerest apologies for not being able to come over earlier. Havent had found much time to wander around the virtual world of blogs, for a while now.

delhidreams said...

sigma: cud i say anything after this :)

freakie said...


AaaDee said...

hey adi..

oh sorry i was just joking !!

checked ur blogroll, i think her name is Deepti ..right..then which one is hers..i dont know..

delhidreams said...

freakie: welcome to the abode of dreams, but will u stay here or...

aadee: hey, i didnt meant it any other way, never wanted to hear that sorry. u can find her in the blogroll. she is love. remember?
tc :)

How do we know said...

AMAZING! This poem makes me see the simple act of tying a thread around a tree, in an altogether new light!
And itni sundar bat Hindi mein bahut din baad suni hai.. can u pls post it in Hindi as well? Will do it for u if u'd like.. will post it in the messages and u can copy it back to the main post?

Its really lovely!

human being said...

"It is around a holy tree,"

from the beginning we are mesmerized by the magic...

very beautiful...
what a pity i don't know Hindi to read dear Dee's poem too...

delhidreams said...

human: now it is translated, although a fairly worse attempts at that :)

human being said...


i'm enthralled!
thanks for the translation...

in Dee's poem we have that yang and yin... a boy and a girl... waiting for ages and ages... then the union... as in my work...

very exciting... i love when minds unknowingly resonate...

and we have that tradition in Iran... tying a narrow band to sacred trees or shrines... though i have never tried it!

the love between you and Dee is so sacred and beautiful... may all your wishes be fulfilled...

dreamt before

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