Monday, August 06, 2007

hum / we

mere astitva ke bhaal par ankit
vishwas ka ek tilak

tumhare saundarya ke gaal par sajjit
dithauna prem ka

attempted translation,

placed on the forehead of my existence
you are
a symbol of faith

decorated on the blush of your beauty
i am
a mark of love

*a dithauna is basically an evil eye charm of sorts, a mark applied above the cheek or above the eyebrow to ward off evil eyes.


Alok said...

well the first stanza made me feel a conqueror of love and the second a man who has blissfully fallen in love .... and how wonderful both the feelings were while reading one single poem of urs



delhidreams said...

alok: reading my mind, eh?
:) thanks

Anonymous said...

Kuch nahi...

delhidreams said...

dee: haan, kuch nahi, aur sab kuch :*)

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Adi- you have a very interesting blog here:-)
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.


Ash said...


delhidreams said...

arch & ash: thanks for the comments guys.

Aparna Mudi said...

and adi my words will always be true...with u guys i think my words are turning into parts of bible......

the attempt at translation is better

ar kuch bhi bahut kuch hai woh gina nahi jaata shayad

Gill said...

This is beautiful Adi.
Thank you for commenting when you visited my blog, it is the only way to meet new bloggers!!!
I appreciate it. Your blog is lovely, the images, the words.
I will be back.

HojO said...'s good..though we xpect better frm this poet...the GEN-X dude.... Adi ;-)

hey,meine tumari modesty k koi test nahi le rahi

who cares...poets r poets,lil' ecentric
again lol
BUT ur some creations r relly touching :-))))

Unknown said...


yes, after reading through your blog I was moved to write a poem about my feelings, hence writing about "the beautiful dance!"


delhidreams said...

shadows: bahut diya dene wale ne tujh ko, anchal hi na samaye to kya kije...

gilian: thanks for ur comment. i'll be back @ the blue for sure. keep in touch. and yeah, welcome to delhidreams :)

sagnik: thanks for the wonderful comment. its good to find somebody who doesnt takes me that seriously ;)

ben: i hope we'll be able to inspire each other in the future too :) welcome to delhidreams, btw.

AaaDee said...

my God Adi, kaise likhte ho ye sab :)

mind blowing !!

a great poet and a great writer u r !!

sachhi mei !!





come down..

come down..

yeah relax on earth :))

delhidreams said...

aadeee: yeah rrrrrrrrtie!!! :)

Keshi said...

hum tum :)


Aparna Mudi said...

bahut diya dene waale ne....
anchal dena bhul gaya
ya shayad yad raha tha usko
jaan ke nahi diya ki
aanchal ka woh kya karega
jisse 'bahut' ki talash nahi
woh 'kuch' jo mangta hai koi
woh aankho mein hi samaa jaata hai.
....aanchal ka main kya karun?
ya jholi se bhi ab kya hoga..??
ek chadar buni thi sapno ki...
chura le gaya wohi...
tumhara 'sab kuch' dene vaala....
ab bas aankhe band kare hi khoj raha hoon
kahin uska chehra bhi na chin jaaye meri palkon se...

Anil P said...

Not many use to in cities anymore or so I believe, specially on baby cheeks . . . mingling with liberal does of talcum powder.

Evil eyes, indeed!

dreamt before

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