Saturday, August 04, 2007

vidha / skill

apne hriday ko
aganit bhagon mein vibhakt kar
inki seepiyan bana
ek ek ashru se bhar raha hoon tumhare
sahej kar rakh raha hoon
kisi din inhein, muktak jo banana hai mujhe

attempted translation,
i am dividing my heart
in a million pieces
making oyster shells out of these
placing each one of your tears in them
with care
someday, i've to make pearls out of these


Alok said...

the first two lines knocked me off ..."apne hriday ko
aganit bhagon mein vibhakt kar ...

divine is the word that i can use ....

and then the transformation to pearls is simply amazing ...

a man who can think like this is special ....


madelyn said...

that was .....
sooo pretty - making pearls
of tears:)


Cuckoo said...

Just plain beautiful !!!

No other words from my side.

Keep floating in love.

KAYLEE said...


Aditi said...


delhidreams said...

alok: hmmmm :)

maddie: thanks poetess

cuckoo: i will i will :)

kaylee: thanks friend. welcome to delhidreams. hope u'll visit the other part of me on mirages also :)

aditi: bus, hmmmm hi kehna tum hamesha ;)

Ali S. said...

Adi bhai
ek to moti idhar bhi daan kar dena....hhehe....

Just excellent..reminds me of some story from my school days.....

KAYLEE said...

I found yoour blog through another on I will keep reading but i will have heart surgery on friday so i may be gone for awhile:)

delhidreams said...

nawab sa'b: ye moti aap sabhi ke liye hi toh bikhre hain yahan, nahi to chupe hote kahin copiyon ke pannon mein :) thanks

kaylee: oh! wish u all the love n luck. will be waiting for u.

Abhishek Dadhich said...

Hey Adi, I am not sure how sooner you will be able to develop this new skill of transforming tears to pearls, but, I am quite sure that you have mastered the skill of transforming string of words into beautiful jewelry of emotions... Keep up the great work...

How do we know said...

धीर गम्भीर
खडा अकेला,
देवालय के प्रांगन में
युगों युगों से
मौन संवाद में
पूछ रहा, ध्येय अपना
वायु – वरुण
आकाश – अरुण से
या ढूंढ रहा था,
अंतिम – अग्नि आलिंगन में

शक्ति पुत्री,
गतिमय, चपल,
प्रशांत, अटल,
बांध गयीं
चहुं ओर मेरे,
आस्था की
डोरी कुशल

और मैं,
अक्षय पीपल
बन उठा कल्पवृक्ष सबल..

delhidreams said...

dust: thanks sir.

hdwk: hmmmm. hindi acchi lagti hai na apni hi lipi mein. thanks a ton dost :) m happy

dreamt before

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