Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and a wish for the wishes

ke main bus ek
toota hua tara hoon
gujar raha hoon
roshni failata
zindagi se tumhari
maang lo jo dua mangni hai
mujh par tumne
ke phir laut kar nahi aoonga main

that i am, but a
falling star
light through your life
make any wish, you want
on me
that, i won't be coming again

around me, i see dreams failing, most loved couples falling apart, families, people who were so much together that they were one. it makes me sad and scared too. what if? have asked this question many times these past few weeks.

but that doesn't stops me from loving. till the time i've, i'll. this is what that matters most. love is not to be measured in the years spent together, it is in the moments lived forever.


Aditi said...

nothing in this world is forever.. yet love will last a lifetime..

How do we know said...

There, u have answered the oldest question of the human heart: Loving might hurt, so is it worth the risk?

:-) As usual, the poem is lovely!

Anonymous said...

loved the verse .. lots

a wish from my side for the writer, the teacher and the love u both share

ur last verse line abt not coming again just reminded me of Ranjish hi Sahi ..

"Jaise tumhe aate hain na aane ke bahaane,
Ik roz usi tarah na jaane ke liye aa
Ranjish hi sahi."

Gill said...

Yes!!! Moments!!!!

dharmabum said...

do we really love more or do we want to be loved? that'll be the answer to your question i suppose.

delhidreams said...

aditi: yes. it will. we will.

howdy: thanks :) risk to hai, par is risk bina ishq bhi to nahi...

suparna: thanks, need those wishes. it feels nice to have u here, again. u r d only one who remembers the writer and the teacher :)
can i have the complete 'ranjish hi sahi'? u can mail it to me on delhidreams at gmail dot com.

gillian: here's to moments :)

dharma: hmmmm. i love and have found love, both are equally important. if it is a union, then it needs the two of us.

Anonymous said...

oh adi....for a copywriter you have such a deep, expansive soul.

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

lovely verse...

madelyn said...

what will survive us is love
Adi dear -
it goes on forever -

it's amazing the love you can take
with you.

It's the only thing you can take
with you.

delhidreams said...

switchsky: for a copywriter? :)

bhavna: thanks

maddie: yes, the only thing that'll go with me is love... thanks

Anonymous said...

sorry...I just meant for someone who writes possibly boring stuff all day for work, your poetry shines...

I realize now how ridiculous that comment was...I make boring ugly ads all day and it says nothing about my soul.

your poetry, your writing is amazing. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Give love always - if one dies, there will be another. Never stop loving. What you give is what you get. It's a zero sum game ;D

Aparna Mudi said...

kahin suna thha
jab log chale jaate hai
dharti se
to sitara ban jaate hain.
ar kabhi kisi ka khwab ban
toot jaatein hain
aatein hain zameen pe...
bas pal bhar ke liye...
sab dekhte hain use
aur apni apni duwaye
muthi bhar maang lete hain.

ke main bas ek tut ta tara hoon
pal bhar hi rukunga
ki shayad tu
mujhse mujhi ko maang le.
pal bhar keliye roshan karunga
tera chehra..
aur khwabo mein bhar lunga
un jhilmilati aankho ko.
aur shayad khuda
jeene ki tamanna ko sach kar de.
sach kar de woh teri dua

delhidreams said...

switchsky: oho! it was nothing.

though i agree on the soul less advtg part, but boring i cant say it to be. even now, i am making a radio jingle for a baby nappy rash cream ;)

thanks friend and dont worry, ur soul shines through ur little verses and scribbles. take care.

smita: yeah, my traveler ;)

shadows: kash, teri har dua sach ho aur main dekhoon in ankhon mein jhilmilate sitare kuch pyare...

Neha Nair said...

Money can buy love.

Anonymous said...

i wish you the best, be it a never ending love for you both :)

delhidreams said...

neha: even if u r right, then m glad i don't have money.

mindslide: thanks and same to you. may we always find and keep the love in our lives :)

jac said...

Wish you a never ending love, yes.

Please don't keep hopes, as wishes are something, and when you get & what you get are somethoing else.

My prayers !

jac said...

Coming after long time. Sorry !

delhidreams said...

jac: thanks for the wishes. and no need to be sorry dear friend. i myself havent been at ur place for some time :)

Sigma said...

Your poems are short, and powerful, and so heartfelt. But I am sad to see you gloomy.
I read it a few times before, but dont know what to say on it ...
perhaps repeat shadows' words ...
maang li kujhse mujhi ko ...

delhidreams said...

sigma: thanks. nothing much to say.

dreamt before

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