Thursday, October 18, 2007

everywhere is thee

a special succor
I do not crave
or the Messiah
for a billion worlds
nor the whole
amongst the many fragments
my Love,
be simple enough
for me to find you
in every grain of existence, there is


Anonymous said...

the power of words when they speak of love and caress our hearts!

Movie Mazaa said...

to say that u r truly and madly in love, wud be an understatement!!


oceanic mirages said...

m as simple as thou want me to be my dear...
m d f b w u

starry said...

Adi I love these lines"my Love,
be simple enough
for me to find you
in every grain of existence.

Gill said...

To see the world in a grain of sand.
You have posted yet another gem of literary greatness. Thanks so much as well for your book recommendation. I will look for it.

Ash said...

Beautiful poem and image. Where was this taken ?

delhidreams said...

corey: hmmmm. yes they do.

velu: !

dee: mdfbwu. and as complex there can be. mdfbwm. ;)

starry: thanks lalitha.

gillian: oh c'mmon blue, not this much :)

ash: words, ummmm. r mine and the image i took from
that's a stock image site, much in use and abuse, by we advtg ppl :)

Unknown said...

A poet in love is the best of them all! Good work! :)

Alok said...

wah!! this shows how madly u luv dee .... tum dono ki jori salamat rahe


Anil P said...


madelyn said...

I love that line dearly -
to see the world in a grain
of sand....such beauty -
I love to see the world of love
through your eyes - :)

delhidreams said...

smita: thanks friend :) but i don't consider myself a poet, just a madman in love with sanity.

alok: hmmmm, the problem is, this doesn't show anything. yet :)

anil: thanks buddy.

maddie: thanks my poetess. and yes, same here. i love to see the world through your vision. take good care of that golden heart of yours.

dreamt before

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