Monday, January 14, 2008

her photographs are poems

the image clicked,
a moment kept at rest, in momentum forever
words swirling around in the ether
waiting to come alive, on paper
a photograph is a seed
from it, poetry flowers

a photographer not only clicks images, in those very photographs, she clicks her self too. there is the ever present individual in any work of art produced. here, i am talking about a dear fellow-blogger, ashwathy, the photographer, who 'dreams in metaphors.'
go check her blog, here, and see what i intend to put in words.
as always, won't be able to say much, except, that i wish i'd clicked these images myself.

picture courtsey, ashwathy.


Ash said...

Thanks a lot Adi!

n00b said...

whatever u have said about the clicking of images is absolutely true

starry said...

Happy new year to you and are you doing?

Cathrine said...

you are both true artists

Anonymous said...

I always like discovering new blogs and photographers alike - thanks for this!

And thanks for all your lovely comments. I had been away in India, you see - more about that later - and returned yesterday. I hope you had the best of new year's, (both you and Dee). I look forward to reading more from you. :)

KAYLEE said...

OVE IT :P how are you?

delhidreams said...

ash: entirely my pleasure :)

n00b: what blog r u using these days? thanks :)

starry: a very happy new year wish for all of u there :) how r u guys doing?

cathrine: thanks cathy. wud u mind if i say u that :) and yes, welcoem to delhidreams.

vi: hmmmm. hope u had a gud time. din't come to meet us in delhi, right? :(
and i look forward to ur posts abt the trip.

kaylee: hey, gud to hear from u. thanks. m fine. and getting better each day :)

Cris said...

Yes indeed, Ash shows her feelings through her photography...

How do we know said...

and when will u post again?

dharmabum said...

yes, she certainly has a wonderfu pair of eyes, to see what most ppl like me would not even pause to look at :)

and you, my dear friend, have paid her the most wonderful tribute :)

dreamt before

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