Thursday, January 03, 2008

let the new year begin with a smile


hope the new year has begun well with you guys. as for me, i'm typing this out from my cabin in the new workplace i joined two weeks back. it's a bigger, better agency and i suppose i'll emerge a new, improved copywriter out of it.

life has been a bit busier than usual and i'm guilty of not visiting your blogs for quite a while. but, now that i'm settling in this place, and settling well, i hope to be a regular again in the blogworld.

meanwhile, if you got bored of my prose and poetry and dreams and love, then there's this other blog i've attempted. u can click the link, here.

rest, ummm, am feeling a bit out of words actually, so will c ya again, shortly.

take care.

and yes, lets begin the new year with a smile.


mad hatter said...

hey good luck with the new tidings!

- Suparna

n00b said...

Happy New Year to you

KP said...

Happy New year and njoi the 2008....i hope u get chance to write more often and visit fellow bloggers......;)

Arti Honrao said...


Happy New Year!


n00b said...

hey arent anonymous comments allowed?

delhidreams said...

sup: thanks the mad one!

n00b: thanks

kp: i hope that too :)

arti: yes poetess, abhi toh aise hi!

n00b: yes they are. see :)

dreamt before

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