Wednesday, March 12, 2008

pinjara / the cage

darr laga rehta hai
us shikari se,
waqt kehte hain jise.
kahin le na jaaye apne sath
ehsaas ke kisi panchi ko.
tabhi toh, qaid kar leta hoon main
kagaj par,
shabdon ke is pinjare mein
teri har yaad ko.

in fear
the hunter
who is named time,
what if, he carries along
some bird of feeling mine?
that is why
in this cage of words
each memory of yours, i confine.

the bird of feeling here, took off from the previous poem itself...


Arti Honrao said...

Qaid kahan hai woh jo hum likhte hain,
woh to muhobbat hai kalam ki kagaz se,
Sadiyaan beet jaayengi, muhobbat yeh kam na hogi,
Mehekti rahegi hamesha,
ismein ghuli hui tum dono ki muhobbat bhi :)


How do we know said...

this is awesome!! Totally, totally awesome!

human being said...

Hi Adi!
Thanks a lot for dropping in and commenting on my blog. Your words were kind and encouraging. Thanks again.
And this poem is beauuuutiful!
The fresh and original image is so impressive... Cage with birds in it has got a negative connotation but here you are giving it a positive role: poem as a cage to keep the memories of our beloved ones safe from time -- depicted as a hunter. Yes, this is it... poem eternalizes our emotions and feelings...
I love it so much!
I'm going to be a frequent visitor of your blog if you don't mind. I want to read more...
I might even ask you to let me translate some of them into Farsi to share my joy with other friends...
You know, there are lots of Farsi words in the Hindi version, though I don't understand the sentences. Shekarchi, vaght, har yaad , ehsaas, panjereh( in Farsi it means 'window')
Happy to know you.

Ash said...

Simply beautiful!

delhidreams said...

arti: yes arti, we both are just droplets in the eternal rain, everyone in love, is just a part of the ever present love...

howdy: thank u ji :)

human being: thanks a lot dear friend for all your kind words. i'm glad that u visited delhidreams and i hope u will continue to do so in future also. yes, there r a lot of Arabic and Farsi words in Urdu- which when combined with HIndi, makes the language i breathe.
the word u mentioned as window was 'pinjara' meaning cage. i wud like to know what it is called in Farsi.
and, errrr, as for my legendary translation skills, u better not be sure of them. so, i don't know how u'll b able to translate something that has already been badly translated from the original. but, i wud love if you cud manage this task, i can sure do with more friends across the globe :)
take care
and yes,
khuda hafij

delhidreams said...

ash: thanks buddy, and u r luking as gud as ur photographs :)

Aparna Mudi said...

agar aise hi mud ke chali jaun
apni yaadon ko apne jhole mein badhke....
saath le jaaun aur mudke bhi na dekhu??
waqt ke saath hi nikal jaun kahi door,
aur roshni mein ojhal ho jaun...
pinjre ke taale tod
agar us panchi ko hi uda doon...

to kya karoge??
muthi bhar pyar...ret sa phisalta hua....

delhidreams said...


pinjare aur bhi hain
jo dikhtein hain, unke alawa bhi

pyaar jitna bhi hai, kafi hai
chahe mutthi se fisalta hua ya ankh se behta hua

Aparna Mudi said...

dikhte pinjro ke taron mein se,
roshni tab bhi jhalakti hai...
un pinjron mein rehna pasand hai mujhe,
chhipe hue pinjre kabhi kabhi,
sannaton mein kho jate hai...
darwaza khula bhi ho...
to bhi bahar jaane ka raasta na mile...
muthi bhar pyar kafi ho shayad,
beh jaye to ghul jaata hai pani mein....
soluble properties of love....

human being said...

Hi Adi!
Thanks for your answer.
The Farsi word for cage is "ghafas".
What you said about translation is true. An Italian proverb says: The tanslator is a taitor!
Always something is lost in translation. Even when I'm translatiing my own writings cannot stop being a traitor!

But sometimes the work is so beautiful you want to share it with others and you know the powerful images can cover up your treacherous act!
Khoda Hafez

delhidreams said...

or is it that love mixes and merges 'you' into it, u, ur identity becomes soluble enuf to b one with the loved one and with love too?

*human being*
i think i know that word, it is called 'qafas' in urdu, called for a 'prison'. r u talking about the same thing?
and yes, with ur point of view, u can go ahead and share delhidreams with ur friends... i hope some of them become my friends too :)
khuda hafiz

human being said...

Yes, this is the same thing.
We use 'ghafas' for the thing or place we put animals or birds in. It is also figuratively used for people.

jail, prison: (Farsi) zendaan

Thanks, Adi. Sure sharing our thoughts makes the circle of our friends much larger...
Be well.

dreamt before

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