Friday, May 02, 2008

kaise raha main itne baras

aaj jab kabhi
dekhta hoon tera chehra saamne aaine mein
jab ponchta hoon tere aansoo
lagata hoon gale tujhe
dur baithe huye, shehar ke ek kone se

aaj jab kabhi
karta hoon tujhse baatein
jo kabhi kisi se na ki
jab mehsoos karta hoon tera naam
apni jubaan se umadte huye

aaj jab kabhi sunta hoon, samajhta hoon,
gata hoon, gungunata hoon
tujhe, teri har saans, tere har ehsaas ko
tab sochta hoon kabhi main
kaise raha main itne baras, tere bin?


Movie Mazaa said...

dearest adi

thx so much for dropping by today. its wonderful to hear from u!!

i hv started working for the entertainment portal as their inhouse critic, and hence have my hands full with mallu movies. i do watch all hindi films as well, but reviewing is kinda tough! :)

how have u been , my pal???

How do we know said...

how does that line go.. na mili thi tum to tha jee raha, na milogi to na jee paoonga.. :-)

Very sweet.

david santos said...

Really beautiful!
Have a nice day.

jac said...

I can read but I can't understand ! Sorry !!

dreamt before

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