Monday, June 09, 2008

neend / sleep

kabhi raat ko
teri hansi ka
takiya bana kar
so jaata hoon main
neend bohat pyaari aati hai mujhe

attempted translation in the comments section


delhidreams said...

when sometimes
i lie down
at night
making a pillow
of your smile
i sleep, content and bright

Cuckoo said...

It is so very romantic. :-)


human being said...

there is always at least one image in your poems that converts a simple situation or thought to a deeper(and at times intricate) sense... and this gives us a pause... and when we pause, we ponder and when we ponder, we grow up!

delhidreams said...

cuckoo: hmmm, apko accha laga toh romantic hi hoga :)

human: thanks and yes, do tell me, what did u read into it

ash: :)

Nabeel said...

you can also switch to the cool side of the pillow and you'll get a good sleep.

Aparna Mudi said...

nabeel good joke...but the warmth is generally more welcome...
ok adi i am finally in love ....your poems make me remember that idiot....not the translation though

delhidreams said...

nabeel: yes sir! go tell this to sugar please.

delhidreams said...

shadows: oh wow! another one of the lot! you do like to be in good company ms shadows
i'm so indebted for ur words of genuine appreciation...

Arti Honrao said...

Aur kuch nahi keh sakti :)


Alok said...

hansi ka takiya is a wonderful phrase ... enjoyed reading this


human being said...

one of the things i read into it:

curved lines let the energy travel softly through the space... no blockage...
interested in Feng Shui?!

DeLi said...

oh wow!

oceanic mirages said...

i guess human is right n i wud repeat that the primal innocence and the purity of ur imagery as well as the verse not just lend a sensuous touch to ur poetry, it nevertheless plucks some cord inside that rings through the soul.
n yes makes me fall in love with u all over again;-)

delhidreams said...

arti: thanks poetess, u didn't send me those word files ;)

alok: :) welcome back. hope u stay.

human: he he, really well thought of and yes, m very interested in feng shui

deli: thanks deli!

OM: in a way, this same should be said about what your words do to me. but then, i do not need words to fall in love with you again and again. it already is a bit too much ;)

ishqia said...

bahut khub,, really cute

dwaipayan said...

small and beautiful

[a} said...

such a sweet sweet thought.


Beautiful imagery.

dreamt before

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