Friday, August 01, 2008

good is just not good enough

many years ago, i went for an interview in some agency. i wanted to be a visualiser then and was asked to re-design an already existing ad into something new and better. it was a small, inconsequential, black & white sale ad for some local showroom.
after quite a few attempts, i told them that it was already a well-designed ad and i couldn't do it better. i flunked that interview.
the guy rebuked me for having a defeatist attitude.
four and more years later, i'm taking part in re-designing the packaging for the whole range of one of the biggest brands in world history. (this time, as a copywriter and strategy person.) as i initiated the copy part of the job, i saw how convenient and easy to understand the current packaging is and then those old memories came rushing by.
this time, i won't be stepping back.
yes, it is good.
i'll make it better though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, did u finally manage to do it?
Do a post about it (not naming your company if you dont want to) and tell us what you found, and what you made out of it.

dreamt before

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