Friday, September 05, 2008

tinka / speck

ek din
main apne
teesri mazil ke ghar se
neeche utra
gali se hote huye
chhoti sadak par, aur phir
badi sadak par pahuncha
aur sama gaya
is mahanagar ki
vikraal andhi mein
mere hi jaise
tinkon se milke bani hai

one day
i descended
from my third floor house
and from the by lane
to the connecting road,
reached the main road
and merged into
this mega city's
horrendous dust storm
is formed
by coming together
of specks like me

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starry said...

I don't know how you come up with these lines.

oceanic mirages said...

improvised version.
[vikral aandhi jo mere hi jaise tinko se mil kar bana hai].
is andhi ka ek tinka hun, is andhi sang mai chalta hun, is aandhi ka jeevan hun mai, na rukta, aur na thamta hun. bas bohat hua is behne ka, kuch ruk jaun kuch tham jaun, aisa na ho, khud ko kho kar, ek andhi hi bas ban jaun, tinka hun, tinkon sang mil kar, ek ghar bhi mujhe banana hai,jab chahun tab andhi ban jaun nahi andhi hi ban jana hai.

Reminde me also of NIETZSCHE: While fighting Monsters one must take care that one shall not turn a monster oneself.(something like that).

delhidreams said...

starry: these lines come to me starry

OM: haan dee. bohat ho gaya behna, ab rukne ka dil karta hai, ab ek ek tinka bun, ghar banane ka dil karta hai.

human being said...

and what a sparkly speck!

one of those surprise endings...

delhidreams said...

human: it was not meant to be sparkly at all :(

dreamt before

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