Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the being of little acknowledgement

brimming the silence that words surround
inexplicable the feeling that gathers around

simple the wisdom that minds confound
leaden the guilt that fetters unbound

dear the mirage that eyes resound
lost the way that i go round


nihar said...

why do have to go round n round:D
feel the feeling and spread it around:)
take care adi

Anonymous said...

what happened adi..everything alright?

How do we know said...

this isn't ur normal style.. this is more like the style of Oceanic Mirages.. :-)

starry said...

Adi how are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Nice rhythm! Are you saying this to God?

oceanic mirages said...

a leap beyond where the mind still dwells, the destination that slips at every bend, the answer we know and still we forget, the silences that are shattered with non-sense,and we take the leap to go aboard, only to find the ship sink exactly at the shore...

Gill said...

Hello Adi :)
Hope you are well!
Lovely words.

Oh, find me at

D Writer said...

dear writer,
utterly beautiful in words and sound...nice blog

Vartika said...


human being said...

paths at times
wind and wind
so that the hidden
can be found

Tanvi said...

Simply wow!

Nice blog.

Keep Rocking!

Ash said...

Beautiful and Surreal....

delhidreams said...

nihar: i toh just keep revolving around her :) she's the way as well as the destination.

distantchords: yes and no. as right as things r right wen u write something like this :)

howdy: is delhi dreams distinct from oceanic mirages? :)

starry: am fine starry. just have been tremendously busy for the last 15 odd days. will get back to blogging soon :)

neilina: don't know. perhaps to my self, perhaps to my other self. thanks.

OM: we are our worst enemies. let the ship sink and the soul float.

blue: hey, nice to have u here aft such a long time :) will sure visit u there!

D writer: thanks :)

vartika: thanks and welcome to delhidreams.

human: life is just a mystery waiting to be solved. and when you do that...u fall in love with the mystery again n wish it wud hav remained a mystery

tanvi: thanks :) welcome home!

ash: ah! my photo-poet :) long time?

dreamt before

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