Wednesday, May 27, 2009

children's mart / बच्चों का बिज़नस

लकड़ी का एक स्टूल लिया
सपनों से भी खूब बड़ा
अण्डों के तीन क्रैट रखे
दो खाली और एक भरा
एक तरफ़ टाफियों का डिब्बा
पीला, गुलाबी और हरा
एक तरफ़ माचिस की डिबिया
(और) सिगरेट का डिब्बा डरा-डरा
आज गली में नया खुला
बच्चों का बिज़नस, खरा-खरा

a big stool made of wood
bigger than dreams' delight
three crates put over it
two empty, one full of eggs off-white
one side has the candies cool
pink, green, yellow and bright
the other has a matchbox
and cigarettes huddling in fright
and lo behold, a treat emerges for the eyes
the children's mart and a genuine price


How do we know said...

amazing!! Totally amazing!!

human being said...

oh adee, you have captured one of the most beautiful and innocent scenes in the world... i just turn off my computer and don't read anything else... i want to be with this beauty for a while...


delhidreams said...

howdy, human: thanks guys. m happy that u liked it :)

Cuckoo said...

This is just so beautiful Adee !! You brought back so many memories of childhood.

Excellent !!

Ash said...


How do we know said...

since u r not posting anything new, i have to resort to this - coming back and reading ur old stuff.. ab to pots karo mere baap!!!!

dreamt before

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