Wednesday, August 19, 2009

“The most important thing in life is fishing.”

Not long ago, there was a world without boundaries. Where anyone could pack up their bags and loose themselves in a world full of surprises. Surprises, some good, some not so good, but each one full of life, making it that bit more interesting for the grand children to listen to with wide eager eyes.

But sadly, there are borders now. Borders between states, countries, reli
gions and races. Borders that separate men and women and their hearts. And in these divided times, one has to have a little imagination to craft some stories for themselves.

“This is the park”, she said. They were sitting on a bench in a desolate place. “Here is where the children play. And here, are the swings. And here (gesturing behind them) is where the sea is.”

“Its not look like a park, but it’s a park. You’ve to imagine.”

Once not long ago, in the middle of nowhere, a woman was waiting for something interesting to happen in her life. No man, no children, no culture, her life was as uneventful as the desert her town lied in. To this barren life of hers, suddenly came a band of men as bewildered as she was herself. And like a sudden sapling in a stark desert, there was excitement, adventure, humor, and there was love.

“In the early hours of the sea, you can hear the whole world, like a symphony”, said one of them, the band leader.

This is their story. Of Dina, of Tawfiq, of Khaled, of the Alexandria Police Orchestra lost in a lost Israeli town, Beit Hatikva.

“Once not long ago, a small Egyptian police band arrived in Israel. Not many people remember this, it was not important.” But it is, it is, you’ll say to yourself, when you watch this slow, humorous, heart ache of a movie unfold across the screen. And you’ll want to tell the world, how important it was, how beautiful it is.

And maybe you’ll also say like Khaled, “I can tell you, but only in Arabic.”

Or, in the language of imagination maybe?

Watched it this Monday night on World Movies, my favorite movie channel. And then, on Tuesday morning too. Check its own page here, and more about it here, here and here.

This is not a movie review (an excellent one is here), in as much that I call these unreviews. Attempted something similar many days ago here. Do tell me dear friend, if you liked these well.


Nadhiya said...

Havent watched the movie yet ..

will comment in detail wen i watch ..


but i like ur perspective ... as to how things have changed obver the years n how v ve etched boundaries around ourselves, our attitude, our homes and our contries..

the most important this is not to ve a boundary around us and remanin closed ..

And yeah oscar is close minded too .. they have english bpundaries ..


Digvijay Ade said...

I haven't watched the movie but now will definitely try to get hold of it.
Life without borders is what I dream of. A free-bird who can travel where her heart wishes to take her. I have realized that my physical being can not always travel to these places but my mind can take me to places far and wide, which I can only visit in my thoughts.
Love the review.


P.S.: World Movies is my favorite movie channel too :)

Sudeep B said...

interesting.. will give it a dekho and get back...

Toon Indian said...

haven't seen the movie bro..but completely concur with you on the thought #twugs

Harish said...

how wonderfully you weave your words and verse.. the advancing human is in the quest of not what the wellness is, but new hurts and new pain...

Man turns nihilistic towards the pain thats a quotidian, and his greatness is measured by the vastness and the heaviness of the issue he tackles. I havent seen the film, but some phrases of this post have touched a chord with me.

your post exhibits these inhibits of humankind that are not so translucent and spoken about. you have thrown light upon the borders of visibility, that now are visible even in blindness. :)

Bless u.

Srushti Rao said...

vent watched the movie either But I would like to watch it. lemme know when it will come next. Just masg me :).

It is just so interesting the way you have reviewed (or unreviewed) the movie. Love the way u write.

Shivalika Raj said...

hi!!! i havent watched the movie....but i really like the way u unreviewed it for the viewers...making me watch the movie now...:)
Sometimes even i wonder (thou many of us do that) that this world wld ve been much better witout boundaries btw caste,religion,states,countries etc!!! But i think it depend on our attitude how we percieve them... Anyways it was nice reading!!! :)

Mil@n@ said...

interesting thoughts!!
i will look for it to be watched

thanks for sharing it (^_^)

Reema Sahay said...

I am a World Movies fan too!

cheth said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but sounds interesting :)

delhidreams said...

nadhiya: waiting for ur detailed comment :) boundaries, closed and closing in was the first thing that came to my mind after watching this. and how love breaks all those.

pallavi: without borders, the mind is free, the heart is open and the soul...well, it knows no borders :)

sudeep: sure. will wait for ur feedback.

rahul: :) do watch it someday!

aham: borders of blindness that men agree to be bound within

srushti: thank u madam. will kp u updated :)

shiva: thanks. m glad u liked the 'unreview'. hope u'll keep in touch :)

milana: n wen u do, tell me hw u liked it :)

penandpaper: its a sapling in our stark televised desert. isn't it :) thanks for visiting delhidreams. hope u'll stay in touch.

cheth: yes. u must see it :)

Anonymous said...

I am sold...
This looks like a wonderful film
Filled with hope and life

It is almost always the simple things, the simple moments that define our lives
And that innocent simplicity can bring people together in a powerful way

Excellent post my friend
I will see this film at the first chance I get

Jon said...

but as you show here... borders are no more than ideas... for pleasure and pains... virtue and vice cross borders at will

Sudeep B said...

finally got to see it...

it was worth the wait... enjoyed it thoroughly...

i am not sure why but it reminded mi of one of my all time favorites... The Station Agent...

looking forward to more recommendations :)

dreamt before

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