Monday, February 08, 2010

an anonymous verse

once i jumped
there was no looking back
now it envelopes me
carries me through
and in a symbiotic way
i'm its vessel too


How do we know said...

ek din, ek gumnaam geet,
kisi gumnaam jagah
kisi gumnaam pal mein
aa kar baith gaya meri god mein...
ab behla raha hoon use
idhar udhar ki
gumnaam baaton se....

dont publish this comment...

deepti said...

i loved the pic.

Nadhiya said...

where do u find these


Hugs Nadi

deepti said...

profund wisdom...
we all hestitate till the time we take the plunge. reminds me of bach's illusions. remember the fish who dares to go with the flow and not stay back...this is what takes place after the choice has been made. the poise.the calm,the serenity.

Anonymous said...

love your header image.
beautiful. :)

dreamt before

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