Friday, July 30, 2010

a tribute to Mohammad Rafi

tomorrow is Rafi Saab's death anniversary. here is a compilation of 60 of his most well known songs. i'm sure there are many favorites that have been left out and no single compilation can do justice to the versatility and talent of this amazing playback singer and a truly human, human being.



you can watch all the songs here in the post itself. though they will look much better on the big black screen here:


Divesh said...

Just to add to your collection..

Two new songs never before heard Rafi songs by Madan Mohan released...

Unknown said...

Great compilation of songs. By the way, just wanted to share Lata Mangeshkar's personal tribute to Mohammad Rafi on his 30th death anniversary:

Some excerpts:

"Rafi bhaiya was not only India's greatest playback singer but also a wonderful person. I am yet to come across another artist so modest, dignified and unassuming. The blessings of Goddess Saraswati were with him and this was responsible to a great extent for his iconic success and he believed in true sadhna."

"He was one singer whose vocal range could outclass any other singer, whether it was me, Asha, Mannada or Kishore bhaiya."

"It is very wrong to say that Kishore Kumar overtook Rafi bhaiya in the early 1970s.Kishore was no doubt at his peak, but Rafi bhaiya was equally effective with Tere naam ka diwana, Gulabi aankhen, Yeh duniya yeh mehfil and Tum jo mil gaye ho. Even Kishore bhaiya never felt he was ahead of Rafi."

delhidreams said...

divesh: thanks brother :)

john: yes, i've read that article. in fact it was the one which inspired me to do this tribute :) My father is a big fan of HIndi film music of that era, and he always says Rafi that saa'b was a thorough gentleman :)
thanks for the comment John. this tribute post was widely acknowledged in Indian blogosphere! i wish i'd written a bit more here :)

Gill said...

first-thank you for the introduction to Rafi. THANK YOU.

Second, nearly yelled out loud when I saw your immediately recognizable banner image, good choice Adee. Isn't Tara super wonderful?

Like you!
Off to listen to Rafi now....xoxoxo

starry said...

I was and still am a fan of Mohammed rafi's songs.thanks for sharing.

delhidreams said...

Gillian: thanks a lot Blue. m glad u liked Rafi sa'b :) he's amongst the treasures of Hindi film industry. will be posting more of 'musical updates' from time to time.
Yes, Tara is so wonderful and this image, particularly the story behind it was so inspiring, i'd to had to share it here :)

Starry: thanks Lalitha! m so glad u liked the collection. hope u r doing well these days :)

harshita s said...

"...Jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere
Sanng sanng tum bhi gungunaoge..."
Perfect Lines for Rafi Sahab...Beautiful Eternal Voice...

Thanks for sharing this song :)
Harshita :)

MP said...

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