Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a day at the Durga Puja

October-November are the months of festivals in India. and one of the most important festival in northern and eastern India is the Durga Puja. the little Bengali dominated enclave of C R park is the heart of Durga Puja celebrations in New Delhi, the capital of India and the city i call home :)

Bengali's are the people who take their festivals seriously, with the Puja being their biggest and most important festival. The arrival and stay of Mother Goddess Durga during nine days of Navratri is celebrated in many other parts of the country, but nowhere with this fanfare and

If you are in Delhi at around this point of time, it is highly recommended that you pack one day of your life visiting different pandals (venues) and pay obeisance to the Goddess. gaily dressed crowds, lots to eat, lots to click and yeah, so much to observe and marvel at, these are the
things that make my Durga Puja celebrations.

hope you'll like a few glimpses of my day in these pics :)



Soumyadip said...

The best thing I like about the pujas is the dhak. Love the sound.

delhidreams said...

yes soumya, u r so true!
i was mesmerized by the sound of dhaak :)

harshita s said...

hv seen Bengalli Durga Pooja on TV, completely opposite of how people celebrate here, it has the power to captivate people
good one
harshita :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics
Wonderful people
I wish I were there to take it all in
And to share, if only for a moment
The feeling of joy

Nethra said...

You are wrong if you are saying navratri is bengali's festival. You gotta visit mysore during dusera...they spend crores to celebrate it. North Indians aren't aware of what happens down here, but please don't claim all the credits and glories.

Anyway, looking forward to read about diwali. :)

Anonymous said...

it sounds like a cool place to visit.
i'll make it there one day. lol

dreamt before

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