Saturday, October 16, 2010

i'm busy reading the glass palace

and want to finish it tonight. Its another thing that around 200 pages still remain. Finally, there is some action in this long, lethargic storyline and i don't want to keep the book down at this point of time.

Talking of action, i'd a day packed with it. The Navratri fasts were over today and i gorged upon sinfully rich food. Then, in the afternoon, half asleep i went to be a part of the Durga Puja celebrations at C.R. Park. Had a great time with Amrak, Abhi n SD. Roamed around quite a wee bit, clicked some pics, took Ma Durga's blessings, talked a lot... but in all of this, kept missing Dee.

So all in all, a day brimful with activities and i would have loved to go on and on. But you already know that i don't talk too much and anyways, have a book to finish as well ;)

c ya soon!


oceanic mirages said...

:)little things can make ur day gud enough to be remembereed for a long long time;and so do words for an even longer time.


What a picture there!

dreamt before

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