Friday, October 15, 2010

some days are like this only

Had a blissful day in her company. Out of the blue we decided to meet and watch a movie. We reached the theatre and found two options suiting our timings. And you know what, we left the choice of the movie on the ticket counter girl. All we asked her was, "any of the two shows which has the option of corner seats!" ;)

After the movie, while having lunch, we remembered the first movie we'd watched together. It was at the same theatre, same time of the day and almost the same time of the year. We were not even going out then. But i do remember that i missed her a lot after saying goodbyes that day :)

Its been four years, well almost. And from Munnabhai to Do dooni chaar, this magic of stolen moments, of planned-unplanned meetings, of days well spent in the company of each other just never seem to end. And may it never end. *Amen*


Surubhi said...

sighhhhhh so romantic....and I so hope this culminates into shaadi jaldi jaldi you know why :P

Romeo Das said...

That was really romantic! You have expressed yourself beautifully in few words! :)

Hope you like the conversation of how I conveyed my love - When love calls

Anonymous said...

God bless you :)

dreamt before

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