Monday, November 22, 2010

taking lives

death is all around me
the dead, undead
they eat, laugh, procreate
traveling bed to bed

the sun gives dark
the night sheds light
each moment a dilemma
whether stay or take flight

who created this world
this life full of debt
made me sign my death certificate
when i drew in first breath

someday i'll meet Him
my maker well bred
and ask why He creates life
when all He gifts is death


Ire said...

Wow this is a whole new side to your writing! I mean this is really good. Very graphic too. I likey!

harshita s said...

beautifully written

harshita :)

Anonymous said...

I think if you're born, your departure date has pretty much been set. You have one shot to make a mark with your presence on this Earth. Invariably we end up taking a lot of help from a good number of people in doing so. I think your poem has beautifully captured this very essence, the very basic fabric of life and existence of ours. Great stuff!

Surubhi said...

Beautiful...i love the first stanza :)

Stephen said...

Awesome work dude! I love the last lines!

Aparna Mudi said...

dear facebook addict,
as you know i shall not really comment on your poetry here. coz your first lines and your last lines have already been appreciated. so here i am to balance it out.
the poetry- good
the style- not yours but the ladies...
The significance... you are becoming her and she is becoming you... WTH

iski baake disection baad mein karungi

Apoyando said...

Wait, isn't everyone of us wondering the same? That is where you strike with these array of words.
Very nicely written.

Anonymous said...

read such thoughtful and sad verse for first time on your blog ! and am so so much more impressed with you :)

Chetana said...

Beautiful poem on the darker side of Life which nobody wants to appreciate and like . good poem

DeLi said...


HT said...

Hmmm....I visit your blog regularly. This particular poem wasn't really your best. I sure have read better ones from you. Looking forward to more from you.

Shekhar Suman said...

i had lost my old blog..:(
plz follow my new blog.....

मेरा नया बसेरा.......

Gaurav Arora said...

someday i'll meet Him
my maker well bred
and ask why He creates life
when all He gifts is death

I loved the way you concluded it..
We take birth and sure that we'll die one day...but the time in between is what is called life!!!
I used to post quite a lot of poetry on my blog but I guess you should read Transition Called Death
Following you :)

dreamt before

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