Monday, January 03, 2011

joining the resolution bandwagon

the first two days of the 'new' new year are coming to an end. not only is this the beginning of a new year but of a new decade as well. agreed, these divisions of time into moments, months, years, is just a facilitating tool and memory doesn't always follow its cold, logical precision, nevertheless by compartmentalizing our life in time, we can compare where we stand today in relation to our past(s).

normally, my personal favorites for this pensive task are the two days of my birthday and the festival of Diwali. the universally applicable new year resolutions mania doesn't affect me much :D this time though, i'm making an exception.

now, i want to start collecting, transcribing my memories, capturing the swirling sounds and images with my magic wand and storing them in clear glass vessels, one page at a time. the purpose is twofold: a written record of my experiences will help me gather my thoughts better, hopefully help me journey constructively towards my goals (not in the chaotic, haphazard manner i've all my life till now) and secondly, help sow the seeds of discipline and craft that i so desperately require to succeed as a writer.

hope i'll be able to stick to this resolution and bug you with more regular posts throughout the year :)


Birdie said...

This is one resolution you can stick to. Else resolutions like losing weight, sleeping less etc are often broken.

The most important part is your objective behind the task. If you are convinced with the idea of sticking to your resolutions, you will never break them. I'm sure you won't :)

Best of luck!

Keep writing,

delhidreams said...

thanks a lot Birdie!
i really want to stick to this one :) have a great year ahead!

Unknown said...

After reading this, I know that I'm on the right track.. cheers! :)

Sahiba Kaur said...

excellent I must say !! Have a great year ahead.. best wishes and support always there for ya..
keep writing... you rock

delhidreams said...

SG: yup! read ur fbuk update :D

Sahiba: thanks a lot :)

harshita s said...

sweet :)
agar aap chaahein to aap zaroor kar sakte ahin :)


ADITI said...

awesome!! now i will look foward to reading more from my fav blogger writer... :D :D all the best... keep up the great great work and i want one post per day usse se zyaada bhi chalega :D:D but not less :P :D
keep posting :)
aditi :)

delhidreams said...

harshu: chahein to hum sab kuch kar sakte hain. behad sahi :) shukriya!

aditi: hahaha even one post per day will take quite some effort :D will sure keep tagging u :) thanks a lot for ur generous praise :)

Toon Indian said...

stick this post on your cubicle wall and stick to the resolution :)

Happy New year Bro :)

Ed Newman said...

It's a good thing... to remember... to learn from retrospection, introspection.... reflection.

Do be well and blessings on your quest in the new decade.

dreamt before

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