Tuesday, May 03, 2011

what were you doing the night Osama died?

this is an interactive post, an attempt to document history from the eyes of common men and women. please do answer the question above and post it in the comments box. i'll pick the responses from the comments and make them a part of the post.

wouldn't it be fascinating to see our personal, daily histories mixing and mashing with this world changing historical event?

also, do remember to write your name and the corner of the world you are writing in from. hope to gather as many responses as possible. and please do share this page/link with your friends! :) thanks in advance.

this is my answer:

i was getting ready for office, feeling unusually high spirited for a Monday morning. (it was already Monday morning in India). i updated my status on facebook and went to the home screen to see what other friends were saying. two updates were about Osama being killed in a military operation. from across the house, i called my dad and asked him to switch on the TV, saying "Pa, Bin Laden mara gaya!" (Pa, Bin Laden is dead!). watched TV for the next half an hour, yes got late for office and congratulated every one in the team when i reached :) -adee, New Delhi, India 

so what were you doing the night Osama died?


harshita s said...

i was fighting with Migraine

Esha - People for the Blind said...

funny, someone asked the exact same thing today on a toolbox.com blog, and i answered - dunno where i was when he died, but Monday morning i was down with a throat infection and saw the news first on facebook. I am from India.

Unknown said...

I guess I was sleeping at the exact hour and moment.
Out of habit checked twitter, as soon as I realised its morning. Read news floating around the hoopla.

My first reaction was, okay so these punters got a new caricature to crack jokes on :D
And thats how my immensely Mirthy Monday began!

dreamt before

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