Monday, July 04, 2011

'cos i'm never gonna stop falling in love with her

man its 13 years! i fell in love with The Corrs, their music and of course the lead singer Andrea when i first saw this song :) how time flies! am sure i would have shared this with dee if i'd known her then.

i remember waiting for love to come to me, spending almost my entire early life in this desperate search, making many false starts, stumbling through love that i felt (then) was true, and finally when i did find her... it was as if my whole life was meant for that one moment, to be shared with her, no more searching, no more aching... just living every moment filled knowing that there is somebody whose heart sings to the same tune as mine. and if there is one song by The Corrs that i would have dedicated her then, that i want to dedicate now, it is this one... 'cos i'm never gonna stop falling in love with her

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Vinay Garg said...

Oh man! I so love the Corrs! Adee! Whats up man! I found lost found you again ;)

mail me!


dreamt before

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