Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy New Year

today is the first day of the new year,
according to the vikrami samvat, or the hindu calendar.
so, new year greetings to you.
nav varsh ki hardik shubhkamnayein
happy new year :)

today also brings forth the 'shakti' in our life.
in the form of goddess durga.
it is the beginning of nine days of traditional festivities & worship.
this is 'navratri'.

for nine days, delhi will be flooded with the atmosphere of bhakti and celebrations. especially, the bigger temples like 'Chatarpur', 'Jhandewalan', 'Kalka Ji', the new 'Akshardham' and 'Lakshminarayan or Birla Mandir'. infact the whole of india will be celebrating navratris in different ways.

there is a sense of attachment that's difficult to explain. we literally believe 'ma durga- mother goddess' has arrived in our homes for these nine days. and thus celebrate them with utmost purity and devotion.

for a little brush-up on this sacred festival, the mythology and some important points, have a look at the following links:

this is a good site if you want to know more about hinduism, especially from today's perspective.

i've had a fast today. will go home now, do some 'pooja' and open the fast.

The Goddess Matangi Mewar Painting; Image: © Brooklyn Museum of Art/Corbis; Date Created: ca. 1760


meet_me said...

Happy new year to u too! hope it brings lot more happiness in ur life than ever.. :)
keep smiling..
life is toooo short..

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I have had the pleasure of visiting your site after reading your message in my guestbook, thank you for that. I very much enjoy your writing, and thank you for the peek into life in India! I will visit again soon. I hope the goddess smiles on you.

Anonymous said...

cheers on the hindu new year as well as the apsy new cellphone day! bhagwan se prarthna hai ki aap ke safar ka bada saa kadam aap is saal badhaye aur apne sapno ko sach karne ka ek zariya aur aapke liye khul jaye.....
loads of blogs expected this year....

Aparna Mudi said...

btw y no comments on my blog?
i need some comments.....

Dumbfunk said...

Hey Adi

A happy new year to you!

(and to answer your question on my blog, I'm perfectly fine but my father died last month. Thanks for your concern mate :)

dreamt before

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