Saturday, April 01, 2006

missing me?

i've shifted office.
the two business partners 'babu da' & 'pinaki da' that founded the hub, had some differences, resulting in a split.
i've chosen to be with 'pinaki da' for the time being.
will try to help 'babu da' as much as i can because he finds himself without a copywriter at present.

there was a 'pooja' ceremony in the afternoon.
the computers are up and running but the net is still not working.
thus, i'm at the neighbourhood cyber cafe, exchanging some mails with a client.
and also to have this short update for you guys.

hope to post something on monday.
thanks for all the comments.


Obi Wan said...

The promised post is up!

And all the best for the new adventure. May the Force be with you.

Richard Emblin said...

Adi...of course you can write letters. In fact, you are my new India correspondent, and we are going to work very well together.

A big hug, and thanks for your best wishes.


Aparna Mudi said...

adi ....mondays have gone by and the hopeful still sit here thinking wen the monday will arrive....wen we will see something new on the blog....

Peenuts said...

rightly said shadows..where r u mr Delhi Dreams..kahan gayab ho aaj koi mail, na koi sms..hope evrything is fine

dreamt before

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