Saturday, March 11, 2006

more than an sms

this is an sms i sent to a few friends.
it is being reproduced here for dear bugs. i need her comments on this.
actually on anything under the stars, i'm missing her jango language.
and bugsy, i need one more help. i would request you to fill the 'seven-things-tag' for me. see it in one of the previous posts.
kabhi-kabhi badon ki baatein maan lete hain.


dwaipayan said...

seems to b a modern art lover...thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

hi again!! ur "fan" as u put it!!:D
here is one that descibes the game life plays with us...

Na karti hai yeh kuch kissi ke liye,
Na apni sachchai batati hai,
Yeh zindagi toh bewafai karti hai,
Ek din chhor kar chali jaati hai...


Anonymous said...

begane sab ko segregate hum kuch zyada hi nahi karte?
aur shayad they become a lil fused in life....
is apne banne ki hod mein i have got lost...i guess now i will stop trying....
adi zindagi ko kuch panno mein to simta nahi sakte..kuch shabdo mein kaise simta liya?

have u ever built walls? around urself...u have in a way....but u want people to break them....i have tried but never had enough strength or the luck to look into what was behind slow at my work...
and now time has come wen i need to build walls higher than which can break...
opaque walls maybe...or maybe it wud be a fortress

Anonymous said...

the first anonymous.....
......cchhhod chali jaati hai ...followed my 'cheers'?
well oxymoron to its highest
-2nd anonymous

meet_me said...

to 2nd anonymous,
1st anonymous here!! this ws just so weird! neways, i think zindagi wohi hai jo kuch palon mei jee jaati hai, kahi logo ke liye woh pal zyaada hote hain, kahiyon ke liye kam,
kehte hain
"kismat banane waale, tune kami na ki,
ab kisko kya mila yeh toh muqaddar ki baat hai"
hope u get wt this meant!!
aur rahi baat "chhod kar chali jaati hai" aur cheers ki, toh it goes like this: we have 1 life to live, ek din sab ko jaana hai, if we accept this fact, we can atleast "live a life" ... as i love to put it... so why nt live it cheerfully??
take care

Anonymous said...

1st entry---1st anonymous
2nd entry--- 2nd anonymous
3rd entry---2nd anonymous
4rth entry---1st anonymous

meet_me said...

fantastic, 2nd anonymous!!!
to make it more clear i won't be leaving my msges without my name frm now on! i hope that helps everyone ...
happy holi to all
take care

Anonymous said...

stop chatting u guys,the message was for me......

"dear bugs"
"kabhi kabhi badon ki baatein maan lete hain....."

yaad karke dekhna,apne kitni baar chhoton ka dil rakha hai...

n for the 7 things thing

'jala hai jism jahan,
dil bhi jal gaya hoga,
kuredte ho jo ab rakh,
justju kya hai....'

it will b like a bare all session....
aur waise bhi intro ke baad kapde to utarne hi wale hain....7 things thing is tough as well....

Anonymous said...

poor bugs

to adi,
my fortress is bulding higher.did u notice?
or maybe it is still very will grow higher.
begane apne ab alag hote lag rahe hain....shayad
tumhari segregation mujh par bhi lagoo ho jaye...

-2nd anonymous

dreamt before

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