Saturday, March 11, 2006

oye anonymous

hey anonymous,

i'll take a guess.
will call u a ms.

now that u've become quite a fan of mine, i'll ask u to do a little thing. visit one of my previous posts, 'the seven things tag' and post ur own seven things to do, not do do and a whole lotta other mandatory requests.

pino, dekh le saale, ab mere paas bhi ek 'ms. anonymous' hai.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi..."anonymous" here
thanks for remembering me...yeah ur blog is a nice u cud in a way say that i m a fan of urs!! :)
i ws unable to check ur blog for a couple of days n left msg on ur blog named "thinkpot" which i believe u r nt using currently...right? neways i had to use my blogger identity there as it required 1 to post a comment there..
i ll surely write this in a couple of days..
thanks again
take care

dreamt before

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