Saturday, March 11, 2006


some body picked me to play pick-pockets
his or her sophisticated street-smartness versus my intelligent impracticality
i lost the cell phone in bargain

they won't be able to use it though, its a cdma phone, i've got it half-blocked
till the time i buy a new cell and transfer the number

missing two people in particular
one 'dee' and the other 'shaitan'
missing ur messages dear...

rest, ummm... is fine
although apsy is not mailing me
still, the month is shaping up pretty badly
will have to buckle up really fast, otherwise...

bought five postcards from 'oxford bookstore' for my postcrossing pals,
thanks to afj
the funda is pretty simple. you visit the website, get registered. (for free). you'll get an address to which you'll have to send a mail (actually you can get five in one go).
snail-mail bidu, no e-mailing, she-mailing would do here. strictly for those who love the ordeal of letter writing. so, when the guy or gal receives your postcard, he/she will register it at the website. then you become eligible for getting letters from absolute strangers.
what a wonderful idea this is. but 'am yet to receive a single mail yet...

mere address mein hi kuch gadbad hogi
there might be some problem in my address, otherwise i definitely would've got one reply at least :(

what else, nothing much...
there are a few things in line, but 'bandhu' is not keen on hindi typing these days... i've to introduce bugs to people, but she's not sending any image...i've to write two or three poems, but...

somebody is hell bent on hacking my account, first yahoo id, then gmail id, then even this blog
i've changed passwords, but am not very sure that it'll be of much help. cud anybody help me with this.

march is behaving a tad strangely these days...

17:07 IST
from the third floor of a little office building in new delhi

1 comment:

dwaipayan said...

will u wrute to me??if I mail u??

and talking about snail mails..

dreamt before

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