Saturday, July 01, 2006

the boy who wrote letters

This Week's Topic @ Illustration Friday: Sticky
Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation. Topics are picked each week from a list of suggestion that have been emailed by participants.
Illustration Friday was created by illustrator Penelope Dullaghan. Brianna Privett is the genius who helps with the technical side.
I've sketched anything after a long-long time ;)
Loved drawing & sketching a lot during my school days. Nobody thought i would become anything else but an artist. But, somehow along the road, i lost that ability to create magic with visuals. And words crept instead into my being.
Have been dying to make something on an illustration friday topic. This week's topic is 'Sticky'. So, what better than a postage stamp?
And tinkering with visuals, words just tumbled in. Maybe, i'll sing this some day.
What matters most, i'd fun with colours after a long wait & then garnished them with words. Bless me.


starry said...

That is really cute. You draw well.I like the poem.

Jess said...

Nice drawing for having been a while. Thanks for the tag.

The Unknown said...

Wonderful post.

MD said...

This is so lovely, as is the poem. beautiful words and beautiful illustration.

Joy Eliz said...

Bitter sweet! Love the poem and really love your illo. Great job!!

dwaipayan said...

interesting idea...and very nice poem... the title reminds me of the days when i used to fancy writing letters, but now mail means e mail.. though i still love to get snail mail and sometimes even write letters, but haven;t posted them yet..

Anonymous said...

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