Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Mother, as I write in Hindi, my mother tongue. This week's topic at illustration friday, is sacrifice.

I asked around in the office too. Rashmi suggested a portrait of 'Bhagat Singh', one of our most revered freedom fighters. Somu said, "I would've drawn something abstract." While Bandhu declared giving away his bottle of Saturday-liquor will be the ultimate sacrifice!!!

I 'wrote' it with a black colored pencil. Scanned it in photoshop at 300dpi, made a jpeg & uploaded it here. With a little help from Somu, I converted the RGB pixels to single color black leaving the red dot above.

The red dot above represents the auspicious mark of marriage Hindu women grace their forehead with. It is called a 'Bindi' in Hindi.

Hope it turns out good.

Psst... somehow i can't view my blog. I can access it, post the posts, edit them, but can't see the actual blog. So, starry nights, phebes, thanks for the comments here instead.


Anonymous said...

Lovely and simple, a beautiful take on the theme. I always enjoy reading your posts. Sorry you can't enjoy them yourself!

Unknown said...

as simple as it should be!

Loca said...

fabulous and your blog is looking great!

meet_me said...

very well done!!
don't i always tell u that u are awesome??? :D
n it ain't no leg pulling. you prove that everytime :)
Take care

starry said...

You did a good job and it looks great.sorry you cant see it.You picked a good one."MA" no one can take her place.

dwaipayan said...

totally agree with starry nights... grt job..by the way, which office u work in??

delhidreams said...

kaya, melanie, loca, meet me, starry nights, dwaipayan: thanks buddies. finally i can see my blog and the comments and reply to them.

dwaipayan m a copywriter and work in a small ad agency in delhi.

copywriters r those people who put words to all the concepts u see in advertisements & other marketing communication.

generally saying, i play around with words. and have fun with them :)

lil kim said...

The red dot looks like the sun - a beautiful and strong image.

Anonymous said...

hi kim,
as far as i understand hindu mythology and there are literally layers of meanings to even simple daily life things here; the color red signifies the goddess or the yin of nature.
it is called 'shakti' in hindi, literally meaning 'power'. the shakti is responsible for all the going arounds in this world. even god, the other half of the sacred union is incomplete without her.
that's the power & status of a woman in hindu culture.
but of course, in modern times, this is all inconsequential.


Willie Baronet said...

Adi, very nicely done, and a great idea!

Anonymous said...

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