Wednesday, July 19, 2006


long live the govt. of India and its foolish ministrels.

what good use is banning the whole of blogosphere when terrorists are roaming freely in the country is a question only they can answer. er, they dont actually do answer the questions, they skirt very nicely around them.

a better bunch of morons never served India.

anyways, there a lot of things to crib about our dummy prime minister and the all powerful queen, this is not the time, the place. perhaps that all might come too in this blog in future.

anyways, thanks to pheebes for giving me a proverbial 'window of opportunity' to access my blogs. thanks to '' too.

till next time, adieus, amigos.


Peenuts said...

Well i wonder whether the GOI has anything 2 do with it..yeah i wasnt able 2 access my blog in delhi, but here its very much accessible..yes i am back in ws nice 2 read ur diary account and my mention in it..that incident had almost slipped out of my mind ;) guess i need 2 refer 2 my diary often..but these days i find it boring or shud i say TIRING..typing it is much better :)
And i still hav 2 fill in the Five Wierd Things abt me..hmmmm....kaafi der ho gayi hai already par i guess ki HUM bhi thoda BUSY HAin aaj kal ;)

dwaipayan said...

sometimes i can access the blogs , at times i can't. whoever is behind utterly moronic in his work

starry said...

I am glad you were able to acess your blogs.Good for you.

Anonymous said...

im glad goi is letting me view it after so long.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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