Tuesday, August 22, 2006


As the newly adopted procedure, the translation is for Starry and other non-Hindi speaking people. I don't take any responsibilty for this misadventure. If Pheebes or Autumn feels I've killed the language of the poem, they are free to translate it properly. I'll be grateful to them. Pino, senti nahin maar raha hoon, you can also do the needful ;)


is like honey
which doesn't washes away
without water (from our eyes)

also has a sweetness
which stays on the tongue
for long

is like honey
and is found mixed a little bit
in every smile

image courtsey: www.corbis.com


starry said...

Adi..beautiful poem as always. I think you are so right with every smile the pain gets better or sometimes atleast it masks the pain.thanks for the translation.

delhidreams said...

hey starry,
i'm sorry, but these r the perils of translation. i cudnt translate what i myself had written.
i've changed a few words now, pls. have a re-look and see if they make any difference.
what i intended was not the pain getting better or healing with every smile, what i meant was in every smile i smile, there's a little bit of tacky, honey like pain mixed & merged.
the pain that doesnt go away until we wash it with water from the eyes.
and perhaps even not then also.

meet_me said...

very well said Adi!!
Yeah, behind every smile lay hidden a tricky and cheating bag of pain - lighter for some, heavier for others ...
And it doesn't go that easily. How easy it is to cheat others by wearing a smile :-)
Keep smiling !!!!

dreamt before

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