Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the first time...

evening quean

are you?

yes, i'm

(nervously) then how do we, i mean where, ummm how much?

how much you've got?

(startled) i'm not going to give you all i've.

trust me, you'll have to give me everything you've got.


and more than that.


that'll do.


let's go, gotta some homework to do, said the evening quean...

Bandhu told me about a large population of girls in Munirka, Delhi selling bodyware. That, most of them are smart, educated, even college-going girls who do this for a quick buck.
I just imagined meeting someone like this for the first time. 'Quean' is the Old English word for a prostitute or a fallen women.
This is one of my initial attempts at dialogue generation as an exercise. Hope, it conveys what i intended to. Any feedback or suggestion or correction is welcome.

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