Monday, September 04, 2006



bachpan accha tha
salet jaisa
jo bhi likha jata tha
mit jata tha asani se

ab accha nahi kuch
ration-card ke form jaisa
tera naam likh diya hai
mit-ta hi nahi

an attempt at translation...

slate board

childhood was good
like a slate board
whatever used to be written
got erased easily

nothing is good now
like a ration-card* form

have written your name
it doesn't get erased

* one of the many essential documents of government life in India. one of the proof's that you are who you are!
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Sumithra said...

Hmm.. You are a thinker, huh? :-)

starry said...

very well written Adi. how do you think of these things.

Anonymous said...

starry, sunshine
i dont think i think enough,
just happens sometimes

Aparna Mudi said...

well if u dont think enuf then im the queen of england.......

Aditi said...

it was well written and quite humourous as well..

delhidreams said...

thanks. its gud u found some humour in it ;)

dreamt before

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