Saturday, September 02, 2006



socho agar blue-lines waqt se chalne lagein
aur DTC har stand par rukne lagein
socho agar sadkein bante hi khude nahi
aur bacchein unmein gire nahi

socho agar pani waqt se aane lage
aur bijli time-table se jaane lage
socho agar sab ko rojgar rahe
aur shaher mein koi bhooka na beemar rahe

socho agar sochne hi se ho jaye asar
sochne se sham, sochne hi se sahar
socho agar sochne hi se sab hota yahan
toh swarg na ban jata apna ye jahan

socho agar, sochne se ab hota yahan
toh hum alag huye hote kahan

Contemplating Man on an Island; Image: ©; Creator Name: Garif Basyrov

attempted translation for Starry & others...


think, if *blue-lines would move on time
and **DTC's would stop at every stop
think, if roads won't be dugged-up right after being laid
and children wouldn't fall into them

think, if water would come on time
and electricity would go with (adhere to) a time-table

think, if everyone will have a job
and no one in the city will be hungry or ill

think, if thought would make all the effect
an evening by thought, a morning by thought
think, if thinking would have made the difference
this world of ours would have turned into a heaven

think, if thinking would have made the difference
then, we wouldn't have been apart today

*blue-lines: private buses in delhi, notorious for their almost stationery traveling.
**DTC: government buses in delhi, notorious for their not stopping on designated bus stops ;)
everything else is a tribute to the civic authorities of delhi, who would dug up a road for wires, severs and all only after it has been freshly inaugurated. like, the always touchy power or water supply and the general job market.


dwaipayan said...

main to sooch raha hoon!!

Namrata - "Time's Ticking away..I'm Wasting Away" said...

Yes, if only sochne se.. Nice poem :)

Thanks a ton for posting a comment on my latest.Im flattered that you think my poems touch hearts :)

You mentioned "seems it ws written for me..." Im curious, why do u say that?

And lastly, without sounding rude or offensive.. Do i know you ??? Dint know where else to contact you .. so posted a comment here.


starry said...

Did you draw that. really neat.

Anonymous said...

If only!!!
Things would be so easy! life wouldn't be life really!
I really wish our thinking had all the power u've mentioned here. Not all, but our thinking does have a lot of power. At least for us. Our priorities, good, better, best - all of it is in our hands. Being strong is in our hands.
I've learnt a lot Adi... It ain't simple. It ain't rosy. But it's just like u have to learn at times....

Anonymous said...

And yes, I need to apologize for being a bore. I won't be one some time soon. ... Aur plz aap bore mat hona .... ok :D

Take care

Namrata - "Time's Ticking away..I'm Wasting Away" said...

Hmm.. making new friends never hurt anyone.. so why not :)

Are you on Orkut by any chance ?

delhidreams said...

thanks all. thanks to delhi's administration most ;)

starry said...

Thanks Adi for the translation. you are right If thinking can just change these things this world would be a better place. But just thinking wont do we have to act upon our thoughts as well.

dreamt before

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