Friday, September 01, 2006

office office

one of the office moments

this is me trying to catch a snap of rashmi dahling, with neeru looking on sleepily


dwaipayan said...

it's u??? cool!!! but U look so serious!!! earlier I mistook bugs pic to be of your. anyway... it's nice to see a friends pic after being accquinted with him through blogs

delhidreams said...

dwaipayan: bhalo bandhu, eta aamar pic and ota also. i change within days ;)

dwaipayan said...

oh!! the two pics are of the same people???OH man!! u look really different in your different avtaars...aab to meet karna hi hoga

delhidreams said...

dwaipayan: that'll happen only when you some to delhi ;)

dreamt before

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