Wednesday, August 30, 2006

letters from a beloved

lafz, mausiki,
shayari, bariki,
school, padhai,
yadein, tanhai,
bachpan, jawani,
khwab, kahani,

aur ek lamba sa khat
aur ek choti si judai

kya kya nahi hota tha un khaton mein,
poori duniya simat aati thi un palon mein

aaj laga,

kitne chote the woh khat
kitni badi hai yeh judai

aaj subah, uske wohi khat yaad aye

and translated for starry & others, flawed as always.
could somebody help me with this? pheebes? hagrid?

words, rhythm
poetry, depth
school, studies
memories, loneliness
childhood, youth
dreams, stories

and one more long letter, one more little separation

what not was there in those letters, a whole world used to converge in those moments

today, it felt

how small were those letters, how big is this separation

today morning, those letters of her were remembered


Bharath Hemachandran said...

V nice. :)

Good poem.

dwaipayan said...

oh man!!!!!!!! awesome awesome!!!!!!

totaramkiaaatma said...

its touching!!!!!!

Aparna Mudi said...

ur answer...postin another entry...

delhidreams said...

thanks bharath, dwaipayan n namrata. yeah shadows, ur post is brilliant, as i said the first two para's were enuf for me.
anybody, who is reading this should go and read it.

dreamt before

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