Tuesday, August 29, 2006



a soul-mate who'll...
eat words for food,
drink promises for wine,
pillion-ride on the bike of desires,and
live in the house of dreams.


starry said...

Oh! Adi if I was not someone elses soul mate I would have answere this Ad. I do hope you find your soulmate.I am sure lots of women are looking for a soulmate like you out there.

dwaipayan said...

hope you'll get her...

Anonymous said...

best wishes :D
God bless u .... :-)
And m pretty sure u'r gonna get a gal as wonderful as u ... even more wonderful...

Keep smiling ... and 'courz hoping :D


Bharath Hemachandran said...

Yes I like your soulmate as well! Very low maintenance!

Sumithra said...

Hmm.. romantics are still there,huh?

Bharath: Lol ;D

dreamt before

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