Friday, October 20, 2006

hello winter

winter is here
three sneezes
& a cloud cover
water freezes
my first shiver
it rained while i was asleep
'ma' says, its winter dear

and for a little different take on the arrival of winters, you can click here. man, 'm loving this link feature ;)
as for paulo coelho's take on love, my favourite topic, you can click here. yes twin, its my favourite topic these days.

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Aditi said...

ahh pyar se pyar.. hmm ya kuch is baar

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

I love the delhi winter, chilly winds, kulfi at 10 in the night, man- that was great

dwaipayan said...

hey..u seem to be in love. well...these days it's my fav topic,too.

and yes.. winter is also coming in Kolkata. seems we brought the weather from Sikkim along with us.

it gives me an awesome feeling, like an illusion that we are still together. like I can still see her and hold her whenever I want.

delhidreams said...

aditi: u know better. perhaps.

appu: if u enjoy the chennai summer ;)

ganesh: yup, that IS great!

dwais: when were u wrong about me?

oceanic mirages said...

dar lagta sardiyon se, aansu gal pe thame reh jate hain, yaadein aas paas hote hue bhi use mere paas nahi lati... mujhe nahi pata mujhe sardiyan kyo itni napasand hain...

dreamt before

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