Wednesday, November 15, 2006

velu ka tag, part I

velu nair, the good teacher tagged me for the first time. and as all obedient students, i took the work home and did it at leisure. its another thing that i did only the first part, 'cos i was more interested in the happy memories than the sad ones.

the tag says, list 8 things about your childhood that make you grin, and 8 others that make you groan. i didn't think, i'd many, but i was mistaken. thanks velu, for reminding me those good times. to be at ease, i kept the age limit till 12 years, as the teen that grew up later was a profoundly bored one. perhaps from there i'll find the second part of this tag :) and i'll increase the tag things to 10. a little bit of liberty with rules is allowed, i guess!

10 child things, i still smile at:

01.) sleeping on my pa's stomach. or in his arms. that was heaven.

02.) my little, blue rubber slippers. i loved them so much that i wore them in my hands. had a song for them too. ye dekho, meri choti-choti chapplein. roughly translated, that goes like, 'see here, my little-little slippers'!!!

03.) sliding on staircase railings from the 4th floor where we lived to the ground floor. it resulted in lots of torn half-pants though.

04.) my leo-mattel cars, local made cars, vehicles, trucks, tanks, anything that moved on wheels and household junk. plus, to a lesser part, the g.i. joe and he-man stuff too. coupled with some imagination- whole cities, armies, civilizations used to come alive. and were destroyed as rapidly too.

05.) bringing all the stray puppies in the locality home. feeding them, bathing them and when mummy threw them out threatning to put me n my brother out too, making temporary shelters for them. with red bricks or with wet mud. they didn't last a day though, and neither the puppies. perhaps, they didn't like their new homes much.

06.) roaming around 'after' my brother. he never took me along. and i never left him alone.

07.) sugar. the only blame in my otherwise pious, subdued, shy childhood. used to steal sugar from my favourite neighbourhood aunt's kitchen. so much, that she shifted the jar to the topmost shelf and i got worms. but then, the homoeopathic medicines i got, were sweet too.

08.) a scolding from pa was so rare, it made me do a little revolution of my kind. i ran away from home one evening. ran away two blocks apart, sat there watching children play, felt cold and scared that ma & pa will forget me. so came back after half an hour. but, i still stand by the fact that i ran away from home.

09.) cricket. scoring runs, foxing batsmen with spin bowling, fielding- like my life depended on that one run... nothing felt more engaging than the game itself. i love cricket.

10.) qayamat se qayamat tak. we were certified movie addicts. and the rented vcr wallah, bansal videos (i remember the name till date) were very happy with us. watched qsqt at 9 years of age, fell in love with the lead actress, juhi chawla immediately. my first love. and i imagined myself as the hero, amir khan. perhaps till date.

i guess 10 are enough. although i've a few more. and i would like to add reading as the most enjoyable thing i ever did. ever. but, not many here will associate it with 'fun'. the second, more serious part of the tag will come later. then i'll tag other children too :) the new kids on delhidreams mostly. till then, have fun.


dwaipayan said...

hmm..interesting!!! u remind me of my childhood, yaar!!

Aditi said...

such a sweet little child i bet u were.. a couple on there made me laugh..
written perhaps with the same innocence of childhood

nihar said...

nice post adi, bt m angree to u ,u r nt visitin my blog,why?????????
wel,childhood is alws interestin n u knw,ofcourse u knw, whats the best part of it, innocence.
u didnt even brought my things,adi,grrrrrrrrr.

Revealed said...

*Sigh* Nothing like being a kid, huh? Growing up is such a pain, s y i decided to put it off a lil bit longer ;). No school memories? Like sitting in the back of the class and giggling about something and then the teacher calling your name and asking you a question which you can TOTALLY not understand let alone answer. :P

Anonymous said...

Badiya bahut badiya bacche. Tune to humko hamara bachpan yaad dila diya. Second part ka intezaar hain.

I could actually visualise you as a little kid. And also found similarities between your activities and the ads on TV.

* You roaming behind your brother - The Hutch dog ad

* You running away from home - the Drara jalebi ad

Anonymous said...

Aww, that sounds cute, but I doubt your childhood was 'pious' ;)

Sigma said...

Hmmm ... very very interesting. I believe your childhood was naughty rather than pious ;-)

delhidreams said...

dwai: good na?

aditi: =)

nihar: m not getting enuf time, even to reply to the comments dear :(
and i got ur message delivered at the dead of night somewhere in punjab. how cud i've brought those things.

revealed: i've decided never to grow up at all ;) school was totally, absolutely for study. i sat in the fron row, answered all the q's and tormentedd the teachers a lot. yes, one of my class teachers considered me good enough to teach rest of the class with me sitting in her lap :)

soum: ah, the great chai cutter!!! m i blessed ;) i wish i made those ads. someday, when i become a big adman, you'll definitely see a lot of 'me' in those ads. especially my childhood :)

vi: pls don't. it was the most god-mom-monster- fearing childhood ever.

sigma: again, i repeat, i didn't know what naughtiness was. all the pranks and all the subsequent scoldings were entirely the domain of my good brother. heck, he lived a remarkable childhood.
infact, there's a family joke, that if you had to scold me about something, you do it to big brother or anybody else around me. i got the hint and that was enough for the next few years.

oceanic mirages said...

A very cute account as always, d words perfectly moulded to present a perfect shape... Well i did certain things exactly d same way n certain others i was made to do like running away frm my place for an hour and i came bck crying... Hmmm...

nihar said...

its ok adi,aap aa gaye vahi kafi hai,

sophie said...

i just adored the one about the
stray puppies...:)

i love animals.

delhidreams said...

dee: hmmm...dee...kuch nahi!!!

nihar: :)

sophie: i love dogs.

Anonymous said...

LOLLLLLLLL that was so cute Adi, all your points...
write all of them.. would love to know them.

Anonymous said... to see people taking up this is such a pleasure reading old childhood stories!!

dreamt before

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