Tuesday, December 12, 2006

and the story begins...

monday was spent floating above the universe.
and tuesday is no better either.


Cuckoo said...

Ahem Ahem....

samajh sakti hu main :P

Sugarlips said...

Awwwww...Falling in love is the best thing could ever happen to someone :)
What about the butterflies? fluttering in your heart? :)
Its an adorable feeling to see someone so much in love...So happy to see you all happy & piyar mai doba howa :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

starry said...

when you are happy and in love you are always floating. actually a nice feeling to have.take care Adi.

Aditi said...

aww i hope u stay up there.. floating for a long long time

Nabeel said...

hmmm .. which Universe? lol .. is it the universe that He is or he belongs too .. because sugarlips is my universe or as i call it .. my Cosmos :)

May God bless you both ..
awww sugarlips .. that was soo cool naa .. butterflies fluttering in one's heart isntead of stomach .. you are right when in love .. it's all in the heart :)

Anonymous said...

Adi -
the first post of your i ever read
said that the most beautiful
things in life are often
accidents and i printed out your
post as it was so heartfelt -

and to quote YOU!!

"...love chuckled, took a pen
and opened his heart..."


(and yes, you do look like

Adi - it won't take my sign in
so i will try anon


Sigma said...


P said...

Aww! :)

delhidreams said...

cuckoo: haan, ab aap nahi samjhengi to aur kaun samjega ;)

sugarlips: totally completely immersed in love, with fluttering eyelashes in my heart...

lalitha: thanks starry. u take care too.

aditi: i hope u'll visit me often up there ;)

nabeel: it shows when u r in love...

SOPHIE: i dont think anybody else has gone that back and read my childish lines :)
and thanks, atleast somebody gave me good marks in the goodlook book, shahrukh has competition now ;)
i've always tried to write what i feel, m glad so many people come here and actually like my craziness...

sigma: hmmm :)))

perspective: welcome to delhidreams. i must warn you that u might not get anything more than love and only love here. its the most overused word here :)

dreamt before

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