Wednesday, December 13, 2006

back from the clouds...

koi to hai

koi to hai,
jiska naam lene se
aankhen muskurane lagi hain,
gungunane lagi hai ye fiza
aur dhoop khil uthi hai sardi ki is saleti subah mein
koi to hai woh!

someone somewhere

There is someone
whose name makes eyes light up
the clouds part to give way to the sun
and the entire universe hums to the tune of her existence
yes, there is someone,
someone just like that in my life
translated by my dear twin, and there's one more in the comments section, by madly in love, sugarlips :)


delhidreams said...

somebody, pls translate it for me, pls...

jac said...

Muskil badi kaam

Sugarlips said...

Har baat gawara kar lou gai...
Mannat bhi utara kar lou gai...
Taweezain bhi bunwao gai...
Jub Ishq tumhai hojai ga...
Mairay jaisai bun jao gai...
Jub Ishq tumhai hojai ga...

I love the way sunlight twinkles in winter mornings...Saleti subah(wah wah)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...

kinara milega yahin re,
kinara milega yahin


it's called associative thinking. ur line 'aankhen muskurane lagi hain' reminded me promptly of one of my favourite movies, Kinara. if uve seen it u'll know why :)
that movie too is as lyrical in its beauty as ur writing.

keep writing, pleasure to read!

Sugarlips said...

There is someone,
Calling thy name
Eyes have started to smile,
The atmosphere has started to chant
And sunshine blooms in the cold grayish winter morning
There is someone!

Adi here u go...I tried my level best to translate it & if there is something wrong "my apologies" Sometimes in translation u lose the mithas of words !

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Land of the Rest of Us >:D<. Hehe.

starry said...

Adi..I read the translation by sugarlips. Nothing like having someone in your life to make you smile and a twinkle in your those lines..

Anonymous said...

hi Adi:)
I think you are still up in the
clouds flying with paper kites-
so here i call from the megaphone
(what IS a megaphone?:)

"keep smiling - be happy in love!"


Anonymous said...

adi -
i am scared to it
hard to switch to beta?

Anonymous said...

I watched Umrao Jaan a few days ago (both versions) and words such as these seems even more beautiful now than before.

I liked the gungunane lagi and muskurane lagi rhyme, I was hoping you'd continue the parallel with the entire sentence.

What does "saleti" mean? Someone used to word "grayish" in an earlier translation - is that it? Yes, I see now, that makes sense...sunlight on a gloomy/cold day...

I like it...I like how I am learning new words too.

delhidreams said...

jac: considering what u wrote here, its good u didnt try it ;) sach mein, very tough job, to translate...suddenly, i admire all the translators in this world...

sugarlips: one of my mostest favourite gazhals :) mere jaise bun jaoge, jab ishq tumhein ho jayega...

as for the translation, it is truly wonderful, really beautiful, i must add u in my panel of invited translators :)

suparna: nahi i haven't seen that movie. but will keep ur words in mind. and to check guru also.
and thanks for the tareef, if u say so...then, :)

revealed: yeah, thanks, and if u cud come back from harrappa civilization for more morning walks and treasured would be fine too ;)

starry: somehow i was not sure whether i'll be posting these lines here. i'd sms'd these to here, a few days back, only after she liked them, i got the courage to post them here.

sophie: thanks; shukriya(urdu); dhanyavad(hindi)...that gets u two new words :)
and m blessed to have u around with me...its great up here, u come too...

anon: nahi its not hard to switch over. but u can wait n watch. i too have been cautious, but switched in, on a whim...

mj: yes saleti means greyish. comes from the chalk board we use as children in nursery classes.

m glad u r learning new words with me. doesnt love teaches you an entirely new set of words? even the old words have been rubbed & dusted, now they shine with an entirely new meaning.

dwaipayan said...

I just checked delhidreams's rediff cousin

Cuckoo said...

Oh my my...
Ye kya Adi, jab main daily aati hun to koi post nahi, and now I am last??

Nabeel said...

oh man what a beautiful translation .. and ofcourse realy nice poem by adi ..

yes I loved that line too .. saleti subah ..

the translation was done sooo nicely .. awesome .. and awww man @ song sugarlips is singing .. smooch

Anonymous said...

i'm assuming you know the artist? you seem so much in love it comes through in all of your writing and i'm happy for you:) as for whether it's 'yours,' i know what you mean, but, it is yours in a certain sense as it flows from you?

Anonymous said...

Hey, how're you?
I'm not in Delhi presently.

dreamt before

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