Thursday, December 14, 2006


sab kuch ulta ho gaya hai

aankhen, jo ban gayi hain honth mere
aur honth, jo ban gaye hain aankhen

aankhen, chhu ke aati hain baar-baar
aur honth, padhte rehte hain bus
us chaand chehre ko

is shareer ishq ne
sab ulta kar diya hai

everything has turned upside down

eyes, that have turned into lips
and lips, that have turned into eyes

eyes, caress it many times
and lips, keep on reading
that moon-face only

this impish love has

turned everything upside down


oceanic mirages said...

Or may be things have jst gonee insanely right,hmmm?A state of blissful world that exists jst for the two... Take care buddy...

Sugarlips said...

Love is beautiful Adi...A beautiful bond...Love is like an ocean no matter how good swimmerr you are but want to drown :)

Stay Beautiful..!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this silly, so sweet, so true.

dreamt before

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