Friday, December 15, 2006



(dhundh ki) apni rajai mein simte
us chaand ko
haule se chooma maine
aaj ki raat
ye chaand bhi
surkh-haya roshan hua hai

a feeble attempt at translation...

snuggled up in own blanket (of fog)
i kissed,
that moon tenderly
this moon has
shined with a blushed-shyness

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jac said...


I wanted to comment, but you discouraged me.

Aditi said...

chandni raatein.. pyar ki baatein
beautiful as always

Sugarlips said...

Tender kisses awwww :)
You knw exactly how to play with emotions & ess shayeri ka aik aik lafz piyar mai doba howa hai :)
Haya is a beautiful word :)
I feel so happy to see u piyar mai doba howa por por :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

dwaipayan said...

carry on kissing!!!!but u neednt kiss the moon always...;)

starry said...

to be kissed by the moon or under the moonlight.always romantic.beautiful

Cuckoo said...

Oh Adi Oh Adi..

What lines you write..always full of love..
Chand aur chandni raatein, uspar mohabbat ki baatein.
Pyar mein doobe raho tum yuhi hamesha

I feel so happy for you.. :))

I wish you lot more such drownings. Don't ever come to the surface

oceanic mirages said...

Haya uske naam ki ya haya uske pyaar ki, simti hui yadon me guzre raat khumaar ki, mohabbat ne chaand ko
samet liya baahon me, chum k har aansu mitayi har ghadi intzaar ki...

sophie said...

this is my moar favorite of all

(Adi, I don't know which post
comment you mean for me to read?
On my blog or yours?
let me know and i will read
late tonight as i am heading out
or tomorrow)



sophie said...

i was able to leave a comment!!!


nihar said...

chand,chandni,wah wah adi ji,kya baat hai
lovely words,
take care adi ji:)

Rani said...

liked the poem.. and also liked the translation, good job id say!

Cinderella said...

Its amazing the way you carve out materpieces of poetry and play with words to create magic.
Lovely !!!

jugni said...

oh its just beautiful,
looks like love teaches all.keep writing.

Revealed said...

Perrrrrrfect :D
(Now I'm getting cleverer, I just don't read the translation :D works for me :P)

Pranay said...

Really great lines there Adi.
Keep it up.
And great template too dude..

Keshi said...

so romantic...mushy n all :)


All Is Whole said...

really good attempt....

San said...

such beautiful lines, your posts almost make me want to believe in romance again.

Sigma said...

Simply lovely!!!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

I like the poem better in Hindi..somehow the translation robs a poem of its essence

dwaipayan said...

update alert!!!

starry said...

Adi..where are you? no updates.Are you still in the clouds?

Cuckoo said...


Busy floating or drowning ?? ;)

Sugarlips said...

Adi I think you are still in the clouds cuz its raining down here :)
I miss your poetry...I hope u r doing ok...Take care :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

delhidreams said...

jac: oh c'mon sir!!! don't worry about a mad man :)

aditi: yup, beautiful, like u :)

sugarlips: i'll try my best to stay like that always...

dwaipayan: can't u position 'her' in place of the moon here!!!

starry: thanks starry. yes it is beautiful always.

mindslide: :)

cuckoo: i don't intend to. ever ;)

dee: every thing i ever wrote, dedicated to this one.

sophie: u'll have to check the previous posts :)

nihar: aap bhi care ko take-o ji ;)

choco: guud to see u here. is the kitchen bit over? thanks.

cindrella: thanks lady. i see u r good friend of my dear friend sophie. come again :)

samiya: yup! love teaches all!!! welcome to delhidreams.

revealed: :p :)

pranay: thanks dude. do come again.

keshi: hey, cool keshi. thanks a ton.

prashant: m honoured sir!!!

san: again? u can't start believing in life again? u r actually living it. so why the trouble with love???

sigma: simply sigma!!!

ganesh: i know ganesh, the translation does robs it of originality, but it is mandatory for starry n revealed and others...

dwai, starry, cuckoo & sugarlips: now perhaps u know where i was all these days :)

dreamt before

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